Friday, December 16, 2016

God's Hand

O. T. #888  "God's Hand"
Dec. 16, 2016
1 Chronicles 4-Part 2
Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. 1 John 4:4


Jabez was more honorable than his brethren. We can conclude that he was a believer in God because of his prayer.
In her book, The Prayer of Jabez for Women, Darlene Wilkinson gives us this insight:
  • First, he asked God to bless him. God blessing can be either internal or external; can take place in the midst of difficulty; is not selfish.
  • Second, he asked God to enlarge his territory. God will expand your territory right where you stand; by asking you to step up; and by asking you to step up into someone's life.
  • Third, Jazeb asked that God's hand would be with him. Throughout the Old Testament, the "hand of God" represented His power, His presence, and His provision for His people.
  • God's hand is at work in your ministry opportunities. He will provide just what is needed when you ask.
  • God's hand is at work in your family. He can give us insights to hand family problems.
  • God's hand is at work in your marriage.  He will enable us to encourage and assist our husbands to be everything God wants them to be.
  • God's hand is at work in the marketplace. He is in the midst of the challenges you face during a busy day at work.
  • God has strategically placed us right where we are for this time in history according to His plan. 
Will we ask God's hand to be upon us, guiding us and directing us to do His will today, wherever we are?


  • Fourth, Jabez asked that God would keep him from evil. He desired that God not let him approach that which will tempt him to sin. Also, God would  temptation from even knocking on our door.
  • Believe the truth, not the lie-we can be victorious over temptation by letting Scripture restore God's Truth to our mind.
  • Take your thoughts captive, to he obedience of Christ. (1 Cor. 10:5)
  • Choose to be humble.
  • Fifth, Jabez asked God that he may not cause pain. Consequences of sin always include pain.
 In conclusion, Jabez's requests  granted by God. What can we do to break through to blessings?
  • Determine to be persistent in asking God.
  • Remember that God's answers are individual.
  • Make prayer a part of your family's lifestyle.
  • Keep a record of your prayer journey.
  • Make yours a Jabez lifestyle.
God wants to bless us, use us, empower us, and protect us as we do kingdom work. Life with God is an endlessly exciting adventure. Do we want to miss a moment of it? I certainly don't.


Please Heavenly Father, bless us today as we strive to live for You, doing Your will Your way. Show us the needs of others and share Your love today. Help us to recognize temptation and turn to You for strength to resist it to sin.
In Jesus' name I pray,

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