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Children and Families

O. T. #882  "Children and Families"
Dec. 6, 2016
1 Chronicles 1
The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David the son of Abraham. (Matthew 1:1)


Genealogies-they can be boring, huh? They might be interesting to us personally so we can clam being related to a president or movie star. It seems uninteresting to the young folks, but the older we get, we tend to want to know where our roots lie in the family tree.

It was essential to the Jews for their family records to be accurate. You see, they had to know their tribe, clan, and family to whom they belonged because property ownership was supposed to stay within the tribe. They had to be able to prove who they were since the firstborn son received twice the inheritance as others and a kinsman redeemer could rescue a poor person if they were a near relative. Also, the priests and Levites had to prove they were of the tribe of Levi in order to be permitted to serve as such.

So don't get too bored with the first nine chapters. I will try to glean a nugget of wisdom for us to apply in our lives. so hang in there with me, please. Feel free to make a comment, too.

Wiersbe's Expository Outlines on the Old Testament explains:

These hundreds of names, some of them difficult to pronounce, represent people whom God used to maintain the "living link" with the promises and covenants of the past. The Jews were chosen by God and given promises that would ultimately affect all the world. Had there been a break in this chain of "living links," the Savior could not have been born into this world.

Mostly, the people were unknown, forgotten people who helped the few famous people get there and remain faithful to God along the way.
One thing I found interesting is that the rejected lines are mentioned first and then those of promise/importance are mentioned.

Special attention is devoted to the tribe of Judah and the Davidic line, as well as the descendants of Levi. (Falwell)

Are we a living link to one of our descendants or others coming to know Christ as Savior? Do we realize how important our life is?


With all that said, shall we dive into the Word? Note that there are sometimes a variance in the spellings of names. Some will be familiar and some not, which we have studied so long ago.

  • The logical place for this Chronicler to begin is with Adam the first created man. His genealogy is traced down through the tribe of Judah, through whom Jesus would come (Joseph's line). These first 4 verses cover the history of Genesis 1-9, and an abbreviated form of Genesis 5:1-32, Falwell indicates.
  • Seth represents the ongoing hope after failure. He was born to Adam and Eve after Cain killed his brother Able.
  • Enoch walked with God and was translated, did not die, to heaven.
  • Methuselah was the man who lived the longest being 1,650 years.
  • Next we notice the name  Noah and his three sons-Shem, Ham, and Japheth. It is a wicked world and Noah obeyed God and his family was saved, along with the animals. He had such strong faith in what God said would occur, since it had never rained before the flood.
  • Through Ham came the Philistines and Nimrod of the Babylonians.
  • It is through the line of Shem that Abraham came. It is through him that God called out to follow Him by faith, not knowing where he was going, but would his family would receive and inherited land known as The Promised Land.
  • Abraham had several sons, of which were Isaac, the son of promise, born to Sarah in their old age; Ishmael was born to a Sarah's slave girl.
Through Isaac came twin sons-Jacob (later named Israel, the blessed son) and Esau (whose descendants became the Edomites and settled east of the Jordan River). Enemies of Israel are being born and nations formed-Amalek had the Amalekites who attacked Israel on the way to the Promised Land; through Seir's marriages to pagan women came the Edomites in verses 38-54. (We will begin with Jacob's family in chapter 2.)
Whew! What a long list of families. since they are listed here, we can see that God is interested in individuals as well as nations. Isn't it astounding to think of the billions of people born since Adam, and God knows them all He remembers the name and face of each person. Included are those alive now. We are special people whom God loves and knows, His chosen children.

Are we sharing His love with others so they can become a part of God's family, believers in Jesus Christ as Savior?


Thank you God for my Christian heritage.

I appreciate Your placing me in a family of believers in Jesus.

Use me to share Jesus and His love with those who have not been so blessed.

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