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Adopted Child

O. T. #886  "Adopted Child"
Dec. 14, 2016
1 Chronicles 3-Part 2
For ye have not received the spirit of fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.  Romans 8:15


I know of several adults who were adopted as a child. How fortunate they were to have loving families provided for them. Jesus was adopted by Joseph, Mary's husband. Today we read more of His lineage through Judah and David.

King David had six sons born by 6 different wives while he lived in Hebron 7 1/2 years. The rest of the 33 years as king, David lived in Jerusalem, where 13 sons were born and a daughter Tamar.
David did some sinful things, including adultery, murder scheme, then trying to hid it. Once he was confronted with his sins by Nathan, then David confessed his guilt and grace was shown. The consequences of his sins remained in David's family as his sword never departed from his house.

The kids-Amnon, Tamar's half brother, raped her; then her brother Absalom killed Amnon; Reuben lost the birthright because he violated his father's concubine.

The main reason the Davidic line is mentioned in details is for us to see the line of Christ through David and to Adam. Although we know that the Messiah was not a physical child of that line, but adopted into it.

Paul speaks of our being adopted children of God in Romans 8:15, 23; Galatians 4:5 and Ephesians 1:5. It is through the blood of Jesus Christ that we become His child. It is this time of year that we especially proclaim the story of the Savior's birth, sing of His love, and share grace by exchanging gifts.

Are you an adopted child of the king, King Jesus?


Jesus' birthright came through his mother, Mary, who traced her line to David through his son Nathan, not Solomon (Luke 3:31). (MacArthur)
We read Nathan's name listed in verse 5 among David's sons.

In verses 10-16 we read of the family of Solomon, a son of David, who seceded him as king. We remember Solomon for building the elaborate Temple of God, which took 7 1/2 years to complete. He was a very wealthy and wise king of Israel. However, it was during his reign that the kingdom split into two nations-Israel in the north and Judah in the south. Each had 20 kings through time, although few remained faithful worshipers of God, instead worshiping idols. Israel became captured by Assyria.

Keep in mind that the author of Chronicles focuses on the line of Judah, an ancestor of David. Judah had three kings who were faithful to God-Hezekiah, Manasseh, and Josiah. After them came 4 kings who were idolaters and thus Judah was taken as captives to Babylon.

In verses 17-24 we read the lineage of David and Judah after the exile, which includes Zerubbabel, a hero who took Jews back to Jerusalem to rebuilt its wall for protection. His story is found in the book of Ezra.

Are we remaining faithful to God even if those around us are not?


Thank You God for adopting me to be Your child.

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