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Different, Yet the Same

O. T. #893 "Different, Yet the Same"
Dec. 28, 2016
1 Chronicles 8
Is there not yet any of the house of Saul, that I may show the kindness of God unto him?
2 Samuel 9:3


I have a cousin who has been my dear friend throughout our lives. In spite of our differences, we still talk to each other often. The love we developed early in childhood has remained in our hearts. So it was with David and Jonathan in the Bible. They were different, yet the same.

More details about the genealogy of Benjamin (Jacob's youngest son) are given in this chapter than in chapter 7.
MacArthur says that it is likely because that tribe's important relationship with Judah in the southern kingdom. These two tribes taken in captivity together and the Levites make up the returning remnant in 538 B.C.
Most of their settlements were in the area of Jerusalem, which was the main area that the returning exiles came to in the days Chronicles was written. Benjamin as a tribe was second in importance among the 12. (Guzik)
Notable men in his family include:
  • Gera, the father of Ehud, and the left-handed judge who killed Eglon, king of the Amalekites in Judges 3:15.
  • Saul was Israel's first king. He pursued David, trying to kill him after David killed the giant Goliath, due to jealousy.
  • Jonathan was King Saul's son and David's best friend. He helped David escape from his father.
  • Mephibosheth was Jonathan's crippled son, whom David provided for and gave his grandfather's land.
  • Sons of Ulam were mighty men of valor (strength) and archers, having military skill.
The number of descendants indicated the blessings of God. Yet, what a contrast between father and son. The father sought to kill the friend of the son, who protected his friend.
This shows how we can be different from our family by living godly.


In 2 Samuel, David made an oath with his friend Jonathan. He promised to show the kindness of God to Jonathan's children whenever David became king (1 Samuel 20:42). By allowing Mephibosheth to eat at the king's table, though he was a cripple, illustrates to us the hope we have as a cripple in sin, allowed to eat spiritual food at our King Jesus' table (now n His Word and later in heaven).

Did you ever think about David being of the tribe of Judah and Jonathan being of tribe of Benjamin? Two different families, yet related to the same man, Jacob. Different bloodline, yet the same heart.

What a beautiful story of kindness and love, as well as faithfulness. Do we have those qualities?


Show kindness and love to others.

Remain a faithful friend throughout my lifetime.

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