Monday, December 19, 2016

Go Back In Time

O. T. #889  "Go Back In Time"
Dec. 19, 2016
1 Chronicles 4-6


I wish that I could go back in time and ask my grandparents about their life growing up and the struggles they went through as adults. They were born in the late 1800's. We have the statistics but not the details of their life. Thinking of them, I wish I knew how their faith in God helped them during the hard times and trials. In the next few chapters, we read of names, but no details. Ezra skips around there, going back in time.

Many people are listed in this chapter. Some have exciting stories written about their life in the Bible, with life lessons for us. Some are ordinary people living ordinary lives, like you and me.

Life Application Study Bible teaches us about those in the linage of David and Jesus:
  • Abraham found that faith alone makes one right in God's eyes.
  • Isaac learned that seeking peace brings true respect.
  • Jacob (Israel) was known as "deceiver," endured that while our sins may haunt us, God will honor our faith. 
  • Judah discovered that God can change the hearts of even the most wicked people.
  • Perez knew that your background does not matter to God. He was born as a result of deception and adultery.
  • Boaz learned that those who are kind to others will receive kindness themselves.
  • Jesse was shown to never take lightly the impact you may have on your children.
  • David discovered true greatness is having a heart for God.
So much for us to learn, right? Things like faith, peace, forgiveness, changed hearts, who we were  isn't important,  kindness, a heart for God.


Othniel was the first judge in Israel and mentioned here. Also is Caleb, one of the 12 spies for the Promised Land. Then Ezra the writer gives the genealogy of the 12 sons of Judah, who became the patriarch of the 12 tribes of Israel.
Now we read of the genealogy of each:

  1. Simeon has included with his family the towns and regions, presumably to show that its land was part of Judah.
  2. Reuben was the firstborn, but defiled his father's bed, so Joseph's two sons were given his birthright. (chapter 5)
  3. Gad's family, plus half tribe of Manasseh, and Reuben's families lived east of the Jordan River. Due to their desertion of Israel, they were captured by the Assyrians.
  4. Levi was the line of the priests in Israel. In chapter 6, his clans are detailed in 7 sets of 2 generations and 1 set of 10 generations. God set the Levites aside to serve Him in the Tabernacle (Numbers 3-4).
[Resource: The Jeremiah Study Bible]


Keep walking by faith.

Ask my older generation family how God has worked in their life.

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