Friday, April 13, 2018

Who do we Exalt?

O. T. 1189 "Who do we Exalt?
April 13,2018
Psalms 18-Part 5
The LORD liveth: and blessed be my rock; and let the God of my salvation be exalted.     Psalms 18:46


What a victory cry by David. He recognized that his victories were not due to his own doing or power. In a time of crisis, people seek a higher power.
Our God is alive and working today. The question is, "Do we see Him working?"

We can look around and see evidence of His mighty existence. Hearing the sweet songs of the birds, feeling the blowing wind upon my face, petting the soft fur of my cats, smelling the lovely flowers, watching the cute baby calves prancing in the field, the green hills and valleys, and in my granddaughter-yes my God is everywhere.

Not only is there physical evidence, but His Spirit is living within my soul. I am redeemed! So let us praise and exult Him together this day. Such grace!


He is the God who pays back those who harm me.  (verse 47)

David saw the results of this verse when king Saul and later Absalom die. God was going to bless the Israelites through David. We can read where he conquered their enemies and gained control of the land. He established the worship of God in His sacrificial system, in the temple.

Being His beloved children, we can trust God to make things right for us.
We cannot leave out verse 50:
God gives victory, shows unfailing love to His announced, to David and all his descendants forever.
Jesus is the seed of David, who will ultimately defeat Satan.


Bless and exalt the God of my salvation.
Give thanks and sing His praises today.

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