Monday, April 16, 2018

A Sure Thing

O. T. #1190  "A Sure Thing"
April 16, 2018
Psalms 19
LORD, Your Word is forever; it is firmly fixed in heaven.  Psalms 119:89 HCSB


We all like a sure thing, right? But where can we get one? Life has so many uncertainties. The stock market varies each day. Immunizations help, but do not always prevent illnesses or diseases. The economy has its ups and downs. People fail.
Ben Franklin said, Nothing is certain but death and taxes."
Yes, taxes are due today. We don't know if we will be alive tonight or the next hour.
Yet, through all of that, there is one guarantee for me-everlasting life after death. David found a sure thing. do you want one, too?

Where are the two places that God's glory is evident? David tells us it is seen through His creation and in His Word.

The glory of God is the sum of all of God's perfections.(Falwell)
In the Hebrew language, the word glory, kabod (kaw-bode'), refers to splendor, honor.

David emphasizes the creation of God-the solar heavens, heavens of clouds, deep space, the throne of God, etc.

Here the word of God is El Elyon, Creator.

We see His handiwork in the firmament. the universe. The heavens continue to speak in the day and make Him known in the night. They don't speak verbally, yet their message is heard throughout the earth and worlds. They glorify God. No one else has, nor could, create such magnificent things as the sun, moon, stars, planets with their moons. How incredible He is, our Creator. Who, in all of that, chooses to love us meager, sinful people. Descriptive words fail me.

Shall we take a moment and go look outside or out a window and glorify God for being Creator of the heavenlys?

People are without excuse for not believing in God as Creator of all things, according to Romans 1:20.  Nature reveals Him.


The second evidence of God's glory is found in His Word.

(Take note that the word LORD, Jehovah, means self-existent or eternal, is used here.)

In verses 7-9, we read of 6 names for God's Word with the characteristics and achievements of each:
  1. The law (His teaching, a direction, instruction) is perfect, converting the soul.
  2. The testimony (to bear witness) is sure, making wise the simple. It bears testimony of its divine authority.
  3. The statutes of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart. God's Word is our orders, charges, precepts for living.
  4. The commandment (to command or to order) of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes. It is divine orders to us.
  5. The fear (reverence) of the LORD is clean (pure in a physical, moral, ceremonial sense), enduring forever. Scripture is a manual for worship of God.
  6. The judgments (verdict, sentence) of the LORD are true and righteous altogether. It conveys His judicial decisions. (MacArthur)
To summarize this, God's Word is perfect, sure, right, pure, clean, and true. It converts the soul, is divine authority, gives us precepts for life, endures forever, and reveals God's judgment. What else can we find to be a sure thing, a true way that is right for us to base our life on, perfect for clean living?

What will we do with God's Word? Is it living in our heart and mind, or is it sitting upon the shelf collecting dust? I doubt that the latter is true, for you are a faithful student of the Scriptures with us.
May it be a blessing to each of us today. We all have different needs, living in different situations, at various stages of spiritual growth, yet the same verses can speak to us meeting those various needs. Although it was written so long ago, it is relevant today. How amazing! How precious!

The Word holds the secret to eternal life-Jesus Christ. He laid down His life so we can live eternally in heaven with Him, live free from the chains of sin that have us bound here, and gives us strength to carry on until we are called home.


What a friend we have in Jesus!
Take comfort, strength, encouragement in God's Word.
It is Truth, so trusting in Jesus as my personal Savior guarantees heaven as my home.

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