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Why Stir Up Trouble?

O. T. #977  "Why Stir Up Trouble?
May 9, 2017
2 Chronicles 25-Part 3
Why stir up trouble that will only bring disaster on you and the people of Judah?  2 Chronicles 25:19c


King Amaziah of Judah had made a mistake in paying off Israel's army to join theirs in war. but after being warned by a man of God, he released them to return to Israel without helping. Judah fought Edom (Seir) and God gave them victory, killing 10,000. Judah brought the spoils home, which resulted in Amaziah in bowing down to idols in worship.

This king who started out doing what was right in God's sight, did not have a perfect (complete) heart, but one what was only partially obedient to God. The king was warned that God determined to destroy Amaziah because he did not obey God's instructions and worshiped idols.

The king embraced the false gods of the people whom he had just defeated. It only brought destruction to the king, who wanted to silence the voice of God. (MacArthur)

What happened after the victory?
  • After consulting with his advisers, King Amaziah sent a challenge to Israel's king Jehoash to come and meet him in battle. (Jehoash had killed 3,000 people in towns of Judah.)
  • In reply, the Israeli king sent a message in the form of a story, indicating that Israel would crush Judah.
  • Jehoash accused Amaziah of being very proud of his victory.
  • Jehoash advised Amaziah to stay at home. Why stir up trouble that will only bring disaster on you and the people of Judah?
Sometimes it is better to remain at home,to keep one's mouth shut, if disaster is going to result. Do we really want to start a civil war? Is it worth it? Sometimes having the last word is not worth the harm they create. A challenge may result in a disaster for us.
Did Amaziah allow pride and ambition into his life? Beware lest we do the same and they cause us to forget God.


Amaziah did not turn the other cheek, let the words blow in the wind. No, he refused to listen for God determined to destroy Amaziah using Israel. As Judah was carrying this out, Jehoash captured and took Amaziah to Jerusalem, demolished 600 feet of the wall of the city, then took the gold, silver, and vessels in the Temple, as well as the treasures in the king's house and hostages. Then Jehoash returned to Samaria.

If only the king had stayed home and minded his own business, he would not have been hurt and the treasures stolen. Amaziah outlived Jehoash by 15 years. However, he turned from following the Lord, and with a conspiracy against his life, Amaziah fled Lachish, where his enemies assassinated the king of Judah.
Judah crowned Uzziah, the 16 year old son of Amaziah, to reign over Judah.

David Jeremiah says we can pretend to be "good Christians" for just so long; eventually our words or our actions will give us away to others. And we can never pretend before God; He knows who we really are.


What do I need to let go of, pride or ambition, in order for God's will to be done?

Let God handle those who are in the wrong.

Discern when it is time to keep my mouth shut.

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