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Quitting or Keeping On

O. T. #976 "Quitting or Keeping On"
May 8, 2017
2 Chronicles 25-Part 2
Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.  Matthew 25:21 


Even though the key verse was part of a parable which Jesus taught His disciples, it holds true to us servants of the Lord Jesus. if we do not quit doing what He has called us to do, that is. Today's king had a problem remaining faithful, though.

We read of King Amaziah of Judah pleasing the Lord, but not wholeheartedly. We will see how this was manifested in his decisions.

The king was getting ready for war. He organized Judah's army, took a census, and found only 300,000 eligible men age 25 and older. This was a small army compared with Jehoshaphat's million.
So what does he do? Instead of trusting in God for victories, the king hires the army of Israel, 100,000 men, to join his. Paid four tons of silver, MacArthur suggests. Really, king, what are you thinking? You are not supposed to make an ally with Israel because they worshiped idols instead of God.  

Then a man of God came to warn Amaziah:
  • Do not hire Israel's army because the LORD is not with them.
  • He will not help those people of Ephraim.
  • If you let them go with your troops, you will be defeated by the enemy no matter how well you fight.
  • God will overthrow you, for He has the power to help you or to trip you up. (The king asked what to do about the money he had already paid to Israel.)
  • The LORD is able to give you much more than this. (NLT  version)
So Amaziah discharged the hired troops and sent them back to Ephraim, but they were very angry with Judah, returning home in a great rage. Well, this half obedience act come back to bite him on the you-know-where. At least the king tried to correct his mistake, but it was too late. 

When the prophet promised God's deliverance, Amaziah complained about the money that had been lost. He valued military success more than God's will. We must search out our hearts and root out any resistance obeying God. Grudging compliance is not true obedience.  (Life Application Study Bible)

Ouch! I try to clean up the messes I make, then want to quit the project because it doesn't go right or my way, or I did something wrong. Quitting may be the easy way out, but may not be God's will. Am I alone or are you with me, friend?


Amaziah led his little 300,000 men army down by the Dead Sea and they killed a thousand of the children of Seir.  Next they captured another 10,000 and killed them by throwing them off a cliff.
Don't know why he did all of that, but the king obeyed what the man of God said. God gave Judah the victory without Israel's help.

Now comes the mistake-Amaziah took the idols of the spoils and bowed down himself and burned incense to them. This act reveals his heart, which was only partially committed to God. Of course, this made the Lord very angry. He alone will be worshiped.

So the king changed his mind when he released the Israeli army, but the damage was done. It was too late. The man of God told the king that God was determined to destroy Amaziah because he worshiped idols and refused to accept his counsel.

Meanwhile, Israel's angry troops what were sent home raided several of Judah's towns, killed off 3,000, and carried off large amounts of plunder. It was a civil war-Israel verses Judah. We are going to pause there. The rest of the chapter tells us what happened.

So what can we learn from Amaziah's life?
  • When we win a spiritual battle, watch out. Beware lest we be tempted by Satan to sin after we have a victory. Don't let down our defenses as we relax, even celebrate, for after the mountain peaks come the valleys.
  • Don't run after money, power, or recognition since they lead to only emptiness.
  • Obey God wholeheartedly, not just part of the time or part of the way.


Trust and obey God.

Remain close to Him daily, especially after victories.

Watch out for pride likes to sneak in.

Stay faithful; keep on keeping on.

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