Monday, May 1, 2017

Even the Best Plans go Sour

O. T. #971  "Even the Best Plans go Sour"
May 1, 2017
2 Chronicles 23
So they seized her and led her out to the entrance of the Horse Gate on the palace grounds, and  they killed her there.  2 Chronicles 23:15


I don't know about you, but I am a planning person. I like to plan out my week, each day, but sometimes even my best plans go sour, and do not happened. Yes, things happen; people's needs come up and call for help; disruptions occur; schedules change. Through it all, I am trying to see those as God's interruptions so I can serve Him in a different way than I had planned. I am learning to not get upset because of that, but accept it. The wicked queen thought she had it all planned out, but her best plans went sour. Let's see how God intervened.

Wicked Queen Athaliah, daughter of Ahab and Jezebel, reigned as queen over Judah for 6 years. (After her husband and son died that were the kings.) She raised up Baal worship in Judah .She's the one who killed all of her own grandchildren, heirs to the throne, except for one-Joash. He was one year old and the priests and Levites hid him safely for 6 years from his wicked grandmother. He was the only survivor of  David's line, which led to Jesus. The priests protected Joash in the Temple and would not allow anyone to come inside. protected his anointed ones.
(Athaliah had taken the valuable items to her Baal temple, making a mess of God's house.

What happened when Joash came out of hiding?
  • When the queen heard a noise of people shouting praises to their king, Joash, Athaliah ran to the Temple to see what the commotion was. Jehoiada, God's priest, had the support of the military force by this time, protecting Joash.
  • She saw the newly crowned king standing in his place by the pillar at the Temple entrance. 
  • He was surrounded by the commanders and trumpeters, with people from all over the land rejoicing and singing.
  • The queen hollered, "Treason," but she was actually the one who had committed treason so long ago.
  • Jehoiada was God's priest, who actually advised the new king and made the decisions until he came of age. Jehoiada ordered Athaliah to be taken to the horse gate and killed. It was so. They got rid of the idolatrous ruler.
The queen thought she had it made, but even the best plans go sour. Her life of idolatry and treachery was cut short by God's judgment of her sin. Sadly, Jerusalem had slipped so far from God that Baal worship was prevalent. Sin always brings complications, trouble, heartbreak, and the judgment of God. Even though all of this occurred, good prevails over the evil. God turned the tables and hearts back to Him.

There are times we need to take a stand against the evil ones ruling over us. However, we should be lead by the Holy Spirit. Are we ready to speak out against the wrong or for what is right?


Young King Joash had a godly influence of Priest Jehoiada during the time Jehoiada lived. Jehoiada lived to be 130 years old, and Joash reigned 40 years. However, not all of the 40 years were godly due to Jehoiada being gone.

Priest Jehoiada led the nation of Judah back to the worship of God in a third period of revival. Burnt offerings and singing were restored and the Temple was repaired. We will read more of this turn around for Judah.

Don't loose heart, dear one. God is in control and in His time He will turn things around for you.


God can bring revival to our families and our nation. Keep praying,

Let God use me in kingdom work.

Stand against evil and the wrong; stand for the right and the Word.

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