Wednesday, April 26, 2017

When it Does Not Look Good

O. T. #968  "When it Does Not Look Good"
2 Chronicles 21
April 26, 2017
But when Jehoram had become solidly established as king, he killed all his brothers and some of the other leaders of Judah.  2 Chronicles 21:4 NLT


Oh dear ones, this does not look good, by only reading the first four verses, I can tell. Just when I learned to spell his name, King Jehoshaphat up and dies. Well, looking at a chart of the kings of Judah and Israel, after David and Solomon reigned as kings over a united Israel, it split into two nations of Judah and Israel Now there followed Solomon the 2 bad kings, which refers to their worshiping idols and not God, named Rehoboam and Abijah. Then two good kings, Asa and son Jehoshaphat, brought Judah revival, back to worshiping God. Now, sadly, the next 3 kings of Judah returned to idolatry. That is where we are in this chapter.

Who was King Jehoram?
  • He was the oldest son of Jehoshaphat who became (was designated as) Judah's king following his father.
  • He had 6 brothers, whose names are mentioned in verse 2.
  • Each of Jehoshaphat's sons received valuable gifts of gold and silver and costly items, as well as some of Judah's fortified (fenced)towns. (verse 3)
  • Most likely Obadiah prophesied during this king's reign, MacArthur tells us.
So far, so good. but we know a spiritual decline is coming.
Are we staying faithful to God each day as we read His Word, pray, and live His way a Spirit controlled life? Even when those around us turn away?


Hold onto your hat because evil is coming to Judah:
  • King Jehoram was married to Athaliah, who was one of the daughters of King Ahab and Jezebel (the most wicked woman ever known) of Israel. (What a mistake, for that family worshiped an idol Baal instead of God.)
  • He learned to do evil from them.
  • Jehoram became solidly established and then he killed his brothers and some of the other leaders in Judah.
How horrid! In doing this, Jehoram certainly eliminated all his completion. He and his wife started changing Judah into a nation like Israel, where assassination was a preferred method of changing government.
God was so gracious to not destroy Judah.


Keep serving God where He has put me, even when my situation does not  good.

Stay faithful, even when others around me are rebellious.

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