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Utterly Dependent

O. T. #965  "Utterly Dependent"
April 21, 2017
2 Chronicles 20
You are powerful and mighty; no one can stand against you! 2 Chronicles 20:6


Quick, do something Jehoshaphat. Your enemy is moving into your territory. What are you going to do? Text your commanders. Get those swords and cannons ready. Well, I got a little carried away there. Who do we turn to in our time of desperate need? Who is our utter dependence upon to rescue us? God is my refuge and strength. What about you, friends? Are we like children who are utterly dependent upon their parents for everything-utterly dependent upon God?

Utterly is an adverb which means completely.
So am I completely dependent upon my God for everything?

What was going on? The Moabites and Ammonites, descendants of Lot, were located east of the Jordan River, while the Edomites, children of Esau, lived on the south. Those armies were moving around the south end of the Dead Sea, as far north as En-Geedi, at the middle of the western shore. The enemies were invisible to the people on the other side of the mountains to the west, which was a common route.

What was King Jehoshaphat's response to the news? It was the combination of prayer (verses 3-13), prophecy (verses 14-17), and praise (verses 18-22) that brought him the victory.

Taking a closer look at the events which led up to God's victory for Judah, we see:
  • The king was terrified of the news and begged the LORD for guidance.
  • He ordered everyone in Judah to begin fasting-a national fast; throughout Judah they sought the LORD's help. No that was getting serious, going without food to pray. Reminds me of Esther.
  • Jehoshaphat lead the way as he stood in the courtyard of the Temple and prayed to their God.
  • He acknowledged God's sovereignty. (verse 6) God is the only God in heaven; ruler over all the kingdoms of the earth; He is all-powerful and mighty, so none can stand against Him.
  • He reminded God of His previous acts of mercy. God had driven out Israel's enemies when they entered the Promised Land; He gave them land promised to Abraham; God's people settled there and built Him a Temple to honor His name; when they were face with calamity like war, plague, or famine, God's people could stand in His presence and cry out for Him to save them, thus God would hear and rescue them.
  • Won't You stop them, God? We are powerless.
  • We don't know what to do, so we look to You for help.
Talk about being desperate, humble, and sincere. The king was begging God for help.
Do we as leaders ask God for His direction? Do we intercede for our national leaders, asking God to give them wisdom in their daily decisions? Now is a crucial time, with the threats of enemies of ISIS and North Korea. It is a real time of need for our nation and our world. Will you join me in prayer? It is time for us to get serious in our Christian walk, don't you think so?


Jehoshaphat made the appropriate spiritual response-appealing to God in prayer and fasting, His promises, and the glory and reputation of God, which were at stake since He was associated with Judah. (MacArthur)

In our prayers, we, too should acknowledge God's:
  • sovereignty,
  • presence,
  • goodness,
  • possession, and
  • our utter dependence upon Him. (verses 6-12) (The MacArthur Bible Commentary)
If you wish to find out how God responded to this king's prayer and this nation's fasting, read on. We will discuss it next time.
In the meantime, are we utterly depending upon God for all our needs? His love and mercy never end.


Acknowledge my utter dependence upon God, and our nation, too.

Thank God for His faithfulness, goodness, and presence.

Pray and fast for a national revival.

Ask for God's protection over us and His beloved Israel.

Thank Him and praise the One True Living God.

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