Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Caught Up in the Moment

O. T. #963  "Caught Up in the Moment"
April 19, 2017
2 Chronicles 19


Have you ever been with a group and got caught up in the moment, said or did something you regretted later? Been there, done that. Who hasn't?
I wonder if King Jehoshaphat got caught up in the moment as he spoke with King Ahab about their huge armies and victories of their two countries. Whatever happened, Joe went out to battle with Ahab, king of Israel, to help him fight his battle. He should have let the king fight his own battles and not get involved. It almost cost Joe his own life, as it did Ahab.

Well, King Jehoshaphat got home, then what happened?
  • He returned in peace. (verse 1)
  • He was met by Prophet Jehu with a rebuke his alliance with Ahab-Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the LORD? Because of this, the wrath of the LORD is upon you. (verse 2 NIV)
  • However, Joe did some good by removing the idols in Judah, reforming Judah, and setting his heart on seeking God.
Who doesn't agree with Jehu? What a dangerous expedition for a king of an outside country to butt in and involve his army in a little squabble. Helping the ungodly, too. And to beat all, for him to wear his kingly robe, probably purple, on the battlefield-a bright and distinct target.
Joe had done such good things beforehand, then was caught up in the moment. He should have never gone to visit his ungodly man and would not have gotten tempted to get involved.

Sometimes it I better for us to stay at home. Sometimes it is not, as in David's case. Do we repent and repair the damage we do while in sin?
Our daily decisions do have consequences. Do we look at all angles when making decisions? Lead me today, Lord Jesus, where you want me to go. Guide my footsteps.


In verses 5-11, King Jehoshaphat initiated new reforms within Judah's judicial system.
What is a godly judge like?
  • They recognize that they are not judging for man, but for the Lord. (verse 6)
  • They act out of fear for God, respect Him and His laws, and not out of fear of the people.
  • They show no injustice, no partiality (no respect of persons), nor do they take bribes (gifts). (verse 7)
Moses had chosen men who were capable faithful and honest to help him judge disputes among the people in Exodus 18:21-22). Effective leaders get the job done, faithful leaders make sue the fob is done in God's way and according to God's timing. (Life Application Study Bible)

Are we helping to instill God's wisdom in our future leaders? Are we teaching them God's values? Demonstrating the godly life before them? Loving the sinner, but hating their sin?


Take rebuke when it I justifiable, listening and learning from it.

Show justice to others, no impartiality, take no bribes.

Forgive those who do me wrong. Love them like Jesus does to me, showing mercy.

Be a godly leader.

Ask the Lord before getting involved in another's battles.

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