Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Missed Our Chance

O. T. #959  "Missed Our Chance"
April 12, 2017
2 Chronicles 16-Part 2
At that time, Hanani the seer came to Kin Asa and told him "Because you have put your trust in the king of Aram instead of the LORD your God, you have missed your chance to destroy the king of Aram."  2 Chronicles 16:7


Will we miss our chance to serve God? Have we missed our chance to do His will? Are we making a difference in kingdom work? Are we missing out on blessings by sitting on the sidelines? I don't want to miss my chance to share the love of Jesus to someone. Do you?

There were some events which I left out previously. It was in King Asa's 16th year as Judah's king, as well as the 36th year after Israel divided into nations, that Baasha, king of Israel, invaded Judah and began building the city of Ramah. It was located 4 or 5 miles north of Jerusalem. His purpose was to prevent any northern Jews from joining Asa. This would have been effective in blocking the traffic entering or leaving Jerusalem.

Asa panicked and turned to the king of Syria, took silver and gold from the treasury of the Temple.
He sent it to King Ben-hadad as a bribe to make a compact between the two nations, and to persuade him to break his treaty with Israel. Ben-hadad agreed, then sent his army to attack towns in Israel, which was successful. So the king of Israel abandoned his project of building Ramah. Then Asa called out the men of Judah to tear down the city of Ramah. The materials were used to fortify two other towns.

Asa's first mistake was turning to a pagan king instead of God. His second mistake was to take money which was given to God. We see his lack of faith in God.

Are we trusting in money instead of God? Are we missing out on experiencing the working of God in our world?


Then Hanani, a seer, came to Asa with bad new. A seer was an advisor. Because Asa relied on a
pagan king instead of God, then the king of Syria would escape from Judah's conquering.
Asa missed his chance for victory over ruling Syria and Israel. We know that Assyria goes on to capture Israel  48 years later.
The result of Asa's sin was for Judah  to have wars. It was about 284 years later when Babylon would tear down the Temple in Jerusalem and take Jews in Judah captive. (Keep in mind, Ezra is writing this book to those Jews who returned to rebuild the Temple after 70 years in captivity.)
Asa's disease in his feet is described as exceeding great. He eventually died.

Our decisions can have consequences in which effect generations to come. Are we teaching them to put their trust in God and to obey Him?

Verse 9 reminds us that God's eyes run to and fro looking for an opportunity to help those who trust in Him.

Folks, Jesus came, endured death on the cross, and rose from the grave in order that we escape having to pay for our sins and have eternal life in heaven. Is there someone in our life that needs to hear the good news and have hope? Will we be the one God uses to bring them to Jesus as Savior? Let's not miss the chance to share.


Trust God in all situations.

Turn to Him in time of need.

Share salvation in Jesus Christ.


  1. "Our decisions can have consequences in which effect generations to come." Very strong and thought-provoking and prayer provoking words.

    "Are we teaching them to put their trust in God and to obey Him?" We (I) need to ask this question daily and often times more.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Amen, sister!
    The Word always stabs me in my heart before it goes to anyone else. Am I telling children in my life of all the great things God has done for me as a witness?
    He is a Savior that is living in my heart today and working in my life. I tend to forget that they may not have heard about His workings and my answered prayers.
    Happy Easter to you and your family!