Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Beating the Odds

O. T. #953  "Beating the Odds"
April 4, 2017
2 Chronicles 13

... because they relied upon the LORD God of their fathers.  2 Chronicles 13:18

Have you ever felt like you are fighting against the odds? That people are against you everywhere you turn. And to beat all, you are striving to live a godly life, stand for what is right and God's ways. Hateful words slice you like a sword, cutting your heart into pieces. Some people ignore you, walking th other direction when they see you. Yet, you know as a Christian, we are told to love our enemies. That is my life today. Well Judah faced all the odds against them, the army of Israel was numbered at 2:1 odds. Shall we see how they beat the odds?

King Solomon's son Rehoboam died. Then his son Abijah (also called Abijam) reigned over Judah as king.
What do we know about King Abijah?
  • He ruled as king for only 3 years. (verse 2) He wasn't considered a good king, but wicked.
  • He was not only young and tenderhearted, but was very foolish. (McGee)
  • He abandoned the Law of the Lord, like his father. (At the peak of his popularity and power, Rehoboam abandoned God. This resulted in destruction because God allowed Judah to be conquered by Egypt.-Life Application Study Bible)
  • Abijah did try to reunite the 10 northern tribes with the 2 southern tribes, but Jeroboam made himself king so he was not about to make peace and loose it all.
  • He criticized Jeroboam's idolatry of worshiping 2 golden calves and using pagan priests.
  • The king declares the LORD is their God and their Aaronic priesthood used the Mosaic articles in their worship, offerings, and sacrifices.
What a contrast of Judah still serving the Lord and Israel serving idols.
Do we cherish anything of more value than God? Beware least it becomes our golden calf and it one day drags us down like Israel.


We read here about an open conflict between Israel (800,00 men) and Judah (400,000 men).  Judah was outnumbered 2:1. What happened next?
  • Jeroboam and Israel ambushed  Judah and Abijah, surrounding them in the front and back.
  • Judah cried unto the LORD and the priests blew their trumpets.
  • The men of Judah gave a shout and God killed Jeroboam and 500,000 Israelites using Judah's army.
  • Now Judah beat the odds, 4:3, with divine intervention.
Are we remaining on God's side, allowing Him to beat all odds for us? If He can do it for Adbijah, can't He do it for us? Just cry out to Him as Judah did.


                     ... of any idols in my life before they drag me down.

                                ... of pride and trusting in myself.

Rely upon Jesus today for victory in my life.

Keep serving Him and praising Him.

*Certainly an example today is Rose. Her odds going into the surgery to replace a heart valve was 3:4, with a 75% chance of survival. Although we almost lost her more than once, God intervened and it will be 4 weeks this Thursday since her operation and she is doing well. Hopefully she will get to come home this week. I'm praying the trachea tube will be removed.

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