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What a Great Man

O. T. #960  "What a Great Man"
April 13, 2017
2 Chronicles 17
He was deeply committed to the ways of the LORD. 2 Chronicles 17:6 NLT


As Prophet Ezra wrote these two Chronicles, he gave God's viewpoint of the kings and recorded what God considered important during the reigns of these men. It was the second revival period in Judah.(McGee)

Here we have King Asa, overall was a good king in Judah, died and his son Jehoshaphat took his place. Both were bold followers of God in their early reign as king, then strayed.

What do we learn about Jehoshaphat from J. Vernon McGee?
  • He strengthened the kingdom of Judah against Israel, the northern kingdom. (verse 1)
  • Jehoshaphat took precautions to protect his kingdom. (verse 2)
  • He walked in the first ways of David, not the way David waked in his old age, but when he was a young king, trusted the Lord. (verse 3)
  • The king received presents from other nations, which was a sign of God's approval-material prosperity. (verses 4-5)
  • He carried out a national program of religious education as he sent out the Levites and priests to teach God's Word to the people. (verses 6-9)
  • Also, he removed pagan shrines. (verse 6)
A nation-wide revival resulted in Judah due to the king's emphasis on God's Word.
Are our churches and Christian schools emphasizing Bible teaching? Knowing and obeying Biblical teachings is the first step to getting people and a nation t live as they should. Personal and family devotions are essential in the believer's life in order for us to live as God intended.

How deeply are we committed to the Lord Jesus? Are we following the example of Jehoshaphat?


What else happened in this chapter?
  • Kingdoms feared Judah and did not make war. (verse 10) Judah's revival effected others.
  • Jehoshaphat had to build great storage places to house all the gifts that were given to him. (verse 12)
  • This king became more and more powerful. (verse 12 NLT) King James uses the phase waxed greatly exceedingly. (verse 12)
  • He had much business in the cities of Judah. (verse 13)
  • His great army consisted of 780,000 men from Judah and 180,000 from Benjamin. this enormous army totaled 1,126,000 mighty men of valor. (verses 13-19)
What a great ruler of God's people.

McArthur gives us three strategic moves of Jehoshaphat, spiritually speaking:
  1. he obeyed the Lord(verses 3-6);
  2. he removed false worship from the land (verse 6);
  3. he sent teachers who taught the people the law of the Lord (verses 7-9).
This strategy invoked God's blessings and protection. The Lord rewarded the king for his commitment by causing their neighboring nations to fear Judah and voluntarily giving gifts.

Are we obeying God, removing any idols, and teaching His Word?


Obey God's Word and Holy Spirit's directions.

Stay committed to Him; look for anything that could take my time, heart, thoughts away from worshiping Jesus.

Be faithful to teach the Bible.

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