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The Outcome at Mt. Carmel

O. T. #798  "The Outcome at Mt. Carmel"
July 25, 2016
1 Kings 18-Part 5
A heavy wind brought a terrific rainstorm...  1 Kings 18:45b NLT


God had shown His supremacy to Elijah by providing an unending supply of food for the prophet and widow. Then again to him and all the people of Israel, the 450 prophets of Baal, and the king when He consumed Elijah's sacrificial bull, the wood upon which it was offered, and the 12 barrels of water in the trench surrounding it, with fire at Mt. Carmel.  God flashed fire from heaven for His servant Elijah. The false god Baal could neither send fire nor rain for his followers. Two more times on that day, God would demonstrate his deity and unlimited power. Let's check them out.

After Elijah killed the 450 prophets of Baal, he told Ahab to get something to eat and drink, for Elijah heard a mighty rainstorm coming. Would Ahab do so in celebration of the ending drought that was coming according to Elijah?

Meantime, Elijah climbed to the top of Mt. Carmel again.
What happened next?
  • Elijah bowed low to the ground, with his head between his knees and prayed to his God.    (verse 42) We see this humble submission of Elijah as he prayed for rain.
  • Elijah sent his servant to go watch the horizon toward the Mediterranean Sea, but returned with a negative result. Seven times Elijah gave his servant the same instructions with the same result-no clouds, 6 times. What would you do?
  • However, on the seventh return from looking toward the sea for a raincloud, the servant reported having seen a little cloud in the distance the size of a man's hand.
  • Elijah sent his servant to King Ahab and tell him to return home before the heavy rains bogged down his chariots.
  • but Ahab did not leave toward Jezreel , his winter capital, some 15-25 miles away, until the sky was black with clouds and a heavy wind brought a terrific rainstorm.
 Sounds like Ahab didn't have much faith in what Elijah said nor in God's rain ability. Do we have to see it to believe it instead of having faith in God's Word?

Elijah prayed seven times for rain to fall on Carmel. Sometimes peace comes instantly; other times it comes slowly as a person lingers before God's throne. Elijah is an example of how the fervent prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much (James 5:16-18).   (David Jeremiah)


The second miraculous event on that day was seen when God supernaturally empowered Elijah with strength to run after Ahab's chariot and pass it, running the 15-25 miles as a foot runner.

Amid a torrential rain the vindicated prophet humbled himself to be Ahab's forerunner. (Falwell)

A different look at this strength is found in Life Application Study Bible:
Elijah ran six miles back to the city in order to give Ahab a last chance to turn from his sin before joining Jezebel in Jezereel. His run also ensured that the correct story of what happened reached Jezereel. God will help us accomplish what He commands us to do. The proof may not be as dramatic in our lives as in Elijah's, but God will make resources available to us in creative ways to accomplish His purposes. He will give us the wisdom to raise a family, the courage to take a stand for truth, or the means to provide what we need to carry it through.
Can anyone use some of God's supernatural strength to carry those heavy burdens, to keep on running the race of faith, to stay in the fight for His purposes, endure the fire? Do our prayers change things?

Do it again, Jesus, just one more time, or maybe two more times, as was Elijah's case.
Elijah experienced God working in his life through prayer. Do we pray 7 times for kingdom work?


Keep praying.

Look for God's resources to provide for His purposes to be accomplished.

Ask for wisdom, courage, and the means to do His will in my life.

Expect some fire with the refreshing rain in my life.

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