Thursday, July 7, 2016

Being It

O. T. #790  "Being It" 
JULY 7, 2016
1 Kings 16


There is a difference in knowing God's Word, will, and ways and doing it, obeying it, choosing it, being it. It's the living it and obeying it that counts. Israel was  mess at this time. By this time, they may not have been interested in God's Word, so maybe that is why He had to take drastic measures.

Now we turn to see what is going on in Israel-its decay. Their kings Jeroboam, Nadab, and Baasha were killed because Jeroboam led them away into sinful idolatry. Sin is always judged harshly, but the worst sinners are those who lead others into doing wrong. In Mark 9, Jesus said it would be better if those people had millstones tied around their nicks and were thrown into the sea. Teaching the truth is a responsibility that goes with the privilege of leadership. (Life Application Study Bible)

Israel did not have a King Asa that did good things for a while like Judah, such as turning from idol worship to worshiping God. There are 6 kings mentioned here, starting with Nadab ending with Ahab, and all of them did evil. Now that is not a good record for God's chosen people, special nation, to have such a reputation.

What encouragement can we get from all this evil? God was and is in control. He saw what was going on the whole time. He was preparing things, such as prophets to forewarn the kings and the Israelites and the Assyrians to capture them.
Do we realize that God does expect His people to live by His Book and share His salvation?


What's going on here? Wiersbe's Expository Outlines on the Old Testament gives us a summary:
  • King Nadab was slain by Baash during one of the battles with the Philistines.
  • Baasha reigned for 24years. 
  • His son, Elah, reigned less than 2 years and was killed by Zimri, who only led the nation for 1 week. (verse 15) It was during that time and his reign that the family of Baasha was wiped out, thus fulfilling the prophecy of Jehu. (verses 1-4)   
  • The army revolted and appointed Omri the new king.
  • Omri marched against Zimri, who set fire to the palace and committed suicide by perishing in the blaze. Omri ruled for 12 years and led the people into further sin.
  • HIs son, Ahab, married Jezebel, bringing Baal worship into Israel. His only claim to fame was the establishing of Samaria as the capital of the northern kingdom.
One after another did evil, led the people away from worshiping God. The people provoked the anger of the LORD, the God of Israel, with their worthless idols. (verse 26)

The best way to build a godly nation, according to Wiersbe, is to have godly citizens in godly churches (1 Timothy 2:1-6)
What will we do?


God's Word-read it and live it.

God's Way-choose it and do it.

God's Will-find it and be it.

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