Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Get Ready For a Showdown

O. T. #794  "Get Ready for a Showdown"
July 19, 2016
1 Kings 18
Now go and tell... 1 Kings 18:8


We have read of the miracles which God performed in and through His prophet Elijah during the three year drought in Israel-food by ravens for Elijah, an unending supply of  flour and oil for a widow, and the resuscitation of the dead son of that widow.

Elijah was blamed for he drought and famine in Israel by King Ahab, calling him troubler of Israel. the irony is that Ahab was actually the cause of Israel's trouble due to his idolatry. So far, the pagan god of Baal, who was the storm god believed to be the provider of rain, was not doing his job, nor had the ability. Also, Baal did not bring the boy back to life either, as the Canaanite myths claimed.

The time had come for the showdown between God and evil, between the two deities worshiped in Israel-Jehovah and Baal.

Who is this Obadiah that comes on the scene?
  • He was a secret servant of the Lord.
  • He is also serving in the court of King Ahab. This is not the same Obadiah who wrote the small Old Testament book after that same name. Apparently  Obadiah was a common name, used to refer to 11 different men other than the minor prophet who lived during the time of the Edomites attack on Jerusalem mentioned in 2 Kings 8.  
  • He was a compromising believer, serving King Ahab and the LORD.
  • He did not know what was going on nor the showdown that was about to take place.
  • He was out looking for grass for the king's horses and mules to eat when Obadiah encountered Elijah.
  • He was a frightened servant who did not trust Elijah.
  • Obadiah bragged about his secret service to impress Elijah with his devotion. (verse 13)
  • When Queen Jezebel sought to kill all of the Lord's prophets, Obadiah hid 100 of the in two caves. (She worshiped the pagan god Baal.)
Are we secret Christians? Or do we let others know it is the LORD God Almighty that we serve?
Are we compromisers, serving the world and the Lord?


King Ahab had sent Obadiah into the land to look for grass that his horses and mules could eat during this 3 year drought. When Obadiah was out walking, he saw Elijah coming toward him. Obadiah bowed low to the ground asking, Is it really you, my lord Elijah?

What happened next?
  • Elijah answered yes, it was him.
  • Elijah told Obadiah to go tell his master that Elijah was here.
  • Afraid for his life, Obadiah questioned why the prophet was sending him to his death at the hands of Ahab.
  • Ahab had searched every nation and kingdom looking or Elijah.
  • Obadiah was afraid that the Holy Spirit would move Elijah on before Ahab could get there.
  • Elijah swore that he would present himself to Ahab that day and he kept his word.
What are we afraid of, to encounter, to wait for?


Follow, move, go, when Jesus says to do so.

Stay, remain, wait, when Jesus says to do so.

Listen and obey.

Go and tell others about Jesus the One and Only Savior.

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