Monday, July 18, 2016

Is Your Faith Jug Empty?

O. T. #793  "Is Your Faith Jug Empty?"
July 18, 2016
1 Kings 17-Part 2
And I have only a handful of flour left in the jar and a little coking oil in the bottom of the jug.  1 Kings 17:12c


Has your energy run out? Are your resources depleted? Is your faith jug empty? Are you running dry with no where to turn for a refill? Elijah and Israel was in the middle of a three year drought, which God brought on for His judgment against Israel. They were idolaters. Today, I am like Israel-my faith jug is empty.
However, Elijah experienced hope for the hopeless and help for the helpless. God was his source.

Last time we saw Prophet Elijah sitting by the Brook of Cherith, which was a tributary of the Jordan River, on the east side. His food was flown in by ravens and the brook provided fresh water, until it dried up. Elijah had to trust in God, not the brook. God had another place for him to go.

What happens next to Elijah?
  • God sent Eljah to the Phoencian costal town of Zarephath.
  • God had instructed a widow woman to feed him there.
  • When Elijah arrived a the gate of the city, he saw that widow gathering sticks for the fire to cook her and her son's last supper.
  • Elijah asked her to bring him a cup of water and a little bread.
  • The widow told him that she had no bread in her house, only a handful of flour and a little cooking oil in the bottom of the jug. She was expecting to die after her last meal.
  • Elijah told her to not be afraid; go and do as she intended; first bring him a little bread.
  • The God of Israel spoke through Elijah, There will always be flour and olive oil left in your containers until the time when the LORD sends rain and the crops grow again!
The continual supply of meal and oil was truly a miracle. (Falwell)

The widow, her family, and Elijah continued to eat for many days. (verse 15)

All God asks is that we give Him what we have, and He will take care of the rests. He can feed thousands with only a few loves and fishes. (Wiersbe)

God continued to give the widow what she needed because she showed her faith by giving to His prophet. God's supply is never ending and available. Are you in need? He wants to be our supply of spiritual food and oil through the Holy Spirit. Send us ravens, Lord. Our faith jug us empty.


Some time later the woman's son became sick, grew worse, and died. In her sorrow, the widow blamed Elijah for the death of her son. Elijah took the boy's corpse upstairs to his private guest room. This is the first instance of resurrection in the Bible. Elijah knew god could raise the dead boy to life again, and He did just that.

The woman told Elijah, Now I know for sure that you are a man of God, and that the LORD truly speaks through you.

This miracle teaches us three things:
  1. Not all illness is the result of sin.
  2. God has power over sickness and death.
  3. The purpose of the signs was to produce faith in God's Word. (MacArthur)

Do others know we are a man or woman of God? Do they recognize that God speaks through us?

We have read of the private ministry of Elijah through the dry brook, depleted barrel, and dead boy. coming up is the public ministry of Elijah.


Seek God to keep my faith jug full.

Trust Jesus in everything.

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