Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 23, 2014

Good morning Friends,

Thank you for your prayers, dear friends. We are back home, safe and sound after spending a week on a mission trip in the Dominican Republic. However, due to a lightning storm Friday in Miami, we missed our flight and had to spend the night in the airport in Chicago. So I am still trying to catch up on my sleep and laundry. I will post a lesson on Tuesday.

So here is a summation of our trip:
  • I taught 22 children in Sunday School and my husband preached the morning worship service.
  • Monday-Wednesday mornings, I taught Vacation Bible School to 43 children each morning.
  • There were 10 children saved.
  • We had preschool, children, and youth classes.
  • In the afternoons, our team made reading glasses for the adults at the church.
  • There were 11 adults saved.
  • After 2 attempts, we showed the "Jesus" film on a basketball court to the community.
  • The little church was packed for Wed. night commencement with parents and children. 
  • The people and children were very receptive of us this year. Last year was our first time to be in Monte Christi, so they were skeptical.
  • On Wed. afternoon, we got to spend some time at the beautiful beach, r and r.
  • Three of us flew back home, while the husband of one joined the team for one more week of the same mission work in another town 3 hours away.
Please pray for our mission team this week. Most of the were sick last week, but continued to serve. The weather there is very hot. Please pray for rain in the D.R. It has been months since they had any.

 Also, remember (Daniel)'s father who is very ill. They are our contact in the D.R.. Daniel serves as Hispanic missionary in our association. It is very difficult for them to leave family to serve the Lord in the USA.

I tried to send a picture while there, but it must have gotten lost. You can see me on Facebook.

Return tomorrow as we pick up in Numbers.

In His Service,
Linda Robins

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