Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Get Your Walking Shoes On

O. T. #301  "Get Your Walking Shoes On"
June 3, 2014
And the LORD spoke unto Moses in the wilderness of Sinai, in the tabernacle of the congregation...Numbers 1:1


This country road has taken me through various terrain. I have walked in the desert, jungle, hills, mountains, valleys, into slums, resorts, cities, and airports around the world. I have met people in all sorts of conditions-lonely, hopeless, poor, rich, prideful, serving, tenderhearted. One thing binds us together when we are believers in Jesus-faith.

Ya'll better get your walking shoes on, because we got a long, hard walk ahead of us in this book-desert, wilderness, trials, and testing of our faith before we get to the Promised Land. So does Israel. It all boils down to this: Are we going to trust God and walk by faith or walk by sight and trust ourselves?
I pray you will continue on this long, hot journey and receive a blessing.

The English title of this book, Numbers, comes from the Greek and Latin versions. The most common Hebrew title comes from the fifth word in the Hebrew text of 1:1, in the wilderness. This name is much more descriptive of the total contents of the book, which recount the history of Israel during almost thirty-nine years of wandering in the wilderness.
Numbers was written in the final year of Moses' life. The word wilderness is used 48 times in this book.
This book contains three distinct divisions: obedience (chapters 1-10), disobedience (chapters 11-25), and renewed obedience (chapters 26-36). Not only do we see God's judgment, but His faithfulness, also.    (MacArthur)

Numbers derives its name from the double numbering of the children of Israel (chapters 1 and 26).
The first five books of the Bible were known as the Pentateuch, which contained the law. They were written by Moses between 1450 B.C. and 1410 B.C. (Falwell)

The first census was made the second year after the nation had left Egypt, and the second was made thirty-eight years later when the new generation was about to enter Canaan.

Are you counted as one of God's children? Friend, is your name written in the Lamb's Book of Life?


In the first twenty chapters, we read about the old generation of Israel. We read of their being:
  • counted (chapter 1-4)
  • counseled (chapters 5-10)
  • chastised (chapters 11-12)
  • condemned (chapters 13-20).

In the last fifteen chapters, we read about the new generation of Israel and their:
  • journeying (chapters 21-36)
  • numbering (chapters 26-27)
  • offerings (chapters 28-30)
  • dividing of the inheritance (chapters 31-36). (Wiersbe)
We see the unbelieving older generation dying in the wilderness. someone has described Israel's wilderness wanderings as "the longest funeral march in history."
Only Joshua and Caleb and those age twenty and younger were allowed into the Promised Land. Even Moses did not get to cross over Jordan with them.

Dear one, are you wandering around in your own wilderness? Instead of being a conqueror, are you a wanderer? Have you wasted years, not following God, obeying His Word, growing in faith? It is not too late for you, nor for your loved ones. We can step out by faith today and follow Jesus.


Walk by faith, not by sight.

Choose to follow Jesus.

Stay in the Word; share the Word.

Love the Word, live the Word.

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