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O. T. #310  "Blessings"
June 26, 2014
Numbers 6-Part 2
The Lord bless and keep thee.  Numbers 6:24


Who doesn't want the blessings of the Lord? Yet there are responsibilities that go along with receiving those blessings. Are we willing to be faithfully sold out to God? The Israelites were given the choice.

Previously we discussed the Nazarite vow which the Israelites could choose to commit to the Lord. We read in verses 22-27 a beautiful benediction. If Israel was obedient, organized and consecrated to the Lord , they would be recipient of God's blessings (His favor) pronounced by the priests.

The Lord's blessing is described as God shining His face upon His people (verse 25), and His looking at them (verse 26).

The result of God's blessings were:
  • His preservation of Israel (keep),
  • His kindness toward her (be gracious, verse 25),
  • her total well-being (peace, verse 26).
The name of the Lord represented His person and character. The priests were to call for God to dwell among His people and meet all their needs.


This was probably the blessing the people were waiting to hear the priest Zechariah utter (Luke 1:21-22) when he was struck mute by the angel Gabriel. (Falwell)

Clarke's Commentary says this about the prayer:
  • May God speak good unto thee, by giving thee His excellent promises! May He preserve thee from all evil.
  • May the Holy Trinity illuminate thy heart, pardoning thy sins.
  • May God commune with thee and prosper thee.
Christians are to be separated from the world, dedicated solely to the service of God. We are to live a life of self-denial, obedient to the Holy Spirit, denounce the sinful lusts of the flesh, and walk in the same all the days of our life.

Are we that committed? How much do we want the blessings of God?


Follow the Lord Jesus and His teachings.

Keep any vows made unto the Lord.

Thank and bless the Lord for all He has done for me.

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