Friday, February 22, 2013

The Reception

698."The Reception"
Revelation 19-Part 21
And he saith unto me, Write, blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. Revelation 19:9a


What woman doesn't like to go to a wedding? I have been to all kinds. Receptions vary from an extravagant buffet and lovely table settings to outside standin'  without food; music varied from a tuxedo violinist to country and western music and cowboy boots and hats; the couple ride away in a high-class car or on a horse. I want to say that I've seen it all, but probably not yet.

This chapter is describing a marriage supper of a different kind-the marriage supper of the Lamb. Will it be a literal banquet or a symbol for indescribable blessings? No one knows. What kind of food will be served? That great banquet will not be about the menu, but about the Master. Whatever is planned, I am sure it will be great. We will be excited to be invited and attending.

Christ will take His seat with the saints and enjoy that long-anticipated face-to-face fellowship with those He loves. (Swindoll)

Am I ready to go? The only way we can enter into this reception is to be clothed in the righteousness of Jesus described in verse 8.


There is going to be rejoicing, singing, worshiping, and praising God at this wedding described in chapter 19. The analogy of the church's marriage to Christ reflects these ancient Jewish wedding customs.
Charles Swindoll puts it this way:
  • The engagement lasts for a year or more while arrangements for the ceremony were being made. the couple was considered legally married, though not living together. The bethrothal  could be broken only by a writ of diverce.
  • After the preparations for the couples' future home were finished and the arrangements finalized, the groom would travel to his bride's home and bring her to the ceremony, presenting her as his bride.
  • The wedding supper could last for days. The new bride and groom would depart the marriage supper with full rights, privileges, and responsibilities as husband and wife.
  • At the wedding feast of the Lamb, the final consummation will begin as Christ and the church take their places to reign over the earth (Rev.20:4-6).
I don't want to miss this wedding feast! Are you going to be there? Jesus offers an invitation for you to attend. Just accept Him as your Savior.


Make sure that I have accepted the invitation to the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Let go of this world and cling to Jesus.

Be a part of the church, the bride of Christ.

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