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700.  "Lights"                 February 26, 2013
Revelation 20-Part 23
And he laid hold on the dragon that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years. Revelation 20:2


We have read of many future events that John saw take place. Christ defeats all His enemies at Armageddon; Satan and his minions are bound for a thousand years while Jesus reigns on the earth; Satan's attempt to attack Christ and regain the world one final time. Despite all of that, the lake of fire is the final destination of Satan, the Antichrist, and his false prophet. Then the last curtain opens on the final reckoning of fallen humanity before God and the great white throne judgment.

Oh my goodness, what a time it all will be. Thank you, dear friends, for sticking with me through it all. I know I haven't been alone through the thick and thin of it. Some of the reading has been fairly rocky and rough to travel on, but we kept going. Keep thinking about the best is yet to come.

I have two overhead light bulbs in the middle of my room where my desk and computer are. This morning, both had burned out making it rather dark. I brought in the room a second lamp, which only shed light on a small area. Another piano light, I call it, glows over the other computer I don't use. They weren't sufficient light, though. So I did my reading of commentaries on the sofa  in the other room.I am thankful that my husband replaced the light bulbs. I said all that to show how we can have a little or lot of light. Just as we can have a lamp to give light on a certain area, so can the scriptures. Quite often, the angels shed some light on specific details which the Lord wants us to know about after we got the overall picture.

Remember my saying that I am no expert  Revelation? I wanted to remind you now, after reading chapter 20. You can make up your own mind about how and when events will take place. I am going to give you three that are out there.
  1. Amillennialism-the figurative view, teaches that the real thousand-year kingdom ruled by Christ is not literal. They view verse 4 as the spiritual resurrection of believers when they are saved, then the church history period is symbolizing the 1,000 year reign. A means  no and millennialism means thousand years.
  2. Premillennialism-the literal view, strongly argues for a literal kingdom. I suggests that Christ will return prior to a literal thousand-year reign. In Matthew 19:28-30 and Acts 1;6-8, it is referred to, as well as Old Testament minor prophecies. Pre means before.
  3. Post millennialism refers to the thousand-year period as only symbolic of a golden age of righteousness and spiritual prosperity.It will be ushered in by the spread of the gospel during the present church age and brought to completion when Christ returns. He will reign in the hearts of believers in the church instead of literally on earth. Post means after.
There you have the three views, friends. Personally, I lean to the premillennialism view, since the minor prophets foretold of Christ's reign. We could always be a let it-let it happen as God has planned.
[Resources: Swindoll's New Testament Insights on Revelation, The MacArthur Bible Commentary]

Is my light shining for Jesus? Is His light in my life?


In verse 2, Satan is put into the abyss, shut in and sealed it over. He cannot deceive the nations for the 1,000 years. He'll be released for a short time, then finally cast into the lake of fire for ever and ever.(That's what I call good news.)
Remember those who had been martyred for their testimony of Jesus and the Word of God? They will resurrect and reign as priests for that millinnium. The rest of the dead won't be resurrected until it is over (verse 5). Satan and his followers will be released from his prison and deceive the nations, war against the saints, and lose. All those evil ones, Satan, Antichrist, False Prophet will be tormented forever.

So be aware that Satan is currently allowed to have his way in the world culture, society, politics, economics, and religion (1 John 5:19). Jesus is not yet exercising direct authority over the earth. (Heb. 2:8, 10:12-13) The unrighteous people are in the majority and in authority. (Swindoll)
These are only for a short time and then the reign and judgment of Christ. The choice is ours. On which side will we be?


Let it light of Jesus shine in my life.

Turn from the world to Jesus.

Share His love.

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