Friday, February 2, 2018

Grace Under Pressure

O. T. #1146  "Grace Under Pressure"
Feb. 2, 2018
Job 22


Here is round three with Eliphaz. Why don't Job's critics back off? Quit treating him like trash. Stop telling him off. We know that Job does no deserve all those trashy, judgmental, finger-pointing accusations.
Job had a pure character and was a righteous man. Satan pick Job out and wanted to bring him down, proving his hypocrisy, persuading him to curse God. But it didn't happen whenever Job lost his health, wealth, home, and family. Then three so called friends came to comfort Job. Even after sitting quietly with Job for 7 days, they could not keep their mouth shut any longer. The Lord allowed these false accusations to continue. He knew Job could withstand it all. Job was a man of maturity and integrity. His life was the opposite of what he was being accused of being. Eliphaz continued to slice and dice Job like a potato.

Job sat patiently and listened to Eliphaz's long-winded speech. he doesn't attempt to set the man straight, a question, nor attempt to defend himself. Job models grace under pressure, as we will read about in the next chapter.

Does anyone find it hard to keep your mouth shut when false accusations come, like I do? I need more grace when under pressure.


Swindoll gives us the three critical statements Eliphaz gives Job:
  1. You are suffering because you have sinned. (verses 1-11)
  2. You're a hypocrite because you've hidden your sins. (verses12-20)
  3. You need to repent because your sins are obvious to us. (verses 21-30)
Hey, haven't we heard this twice before from this man? Job lost everything, not because he was sinful. Yet, Job demonstrates grace under pressure by not uttering a word. Job is a hypocrite? He's confessed everything.

Can you hear the if and when statements Eliphaz said? If Job would yield, receive instruction, take His words into his heart, return to God, remove unrighteousness,
then the Almighty will be your gold and choice silver to you. You will pray and He will hear you. When you are cast down, you will speak with confidence. The humble person God will save.

Those things are true, but Job is not in need of them right now. Are we in need of them? There have been times that I was needing to do what Eliphaz told Job to do. And then again, there have been times that I was in Job's situation, suffering for righteousness.


Repent of my sins.
Be humble.
Let God be my confidence.

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