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When Plans Are Dashed

O. T. #1,004  " When Plans Are Dashed"
June 15, 2017
2 Chronicles 36-Part 2


Even though Josiah was a good king of Judah who brought her back to worshiping God in His Temple with the reading of His Word, his two sons did not follow in his footsteps. Jehoahez was taken prisoner by Pharoah Necho II after only reigning 3 months over Judah. He died in Egypt.

Jehoikim, his older brother, was made king by the king of Egypt. He taxed the people severely in order to pay tribute to Egypt since his brother had emptied the royal treasury paying Egypt. Both brothers did what was evil in the sight of the Lord. Then came Nebuchadnezzar from Babylon.

Notice this which Falwell tells us:
Neuchadnezzar was actually the crown prince and coregent with his father Nabopolasser. While in Jerusalem, he received word of his father's death; he was called home to Babylon for immediate for coronation as sole king.
Before he left, Neb took the vessels in the Temple with him.
Jehoikim's son, Jehoiachin was made king of Judah, but he did what was evil in the sight of the Lord, also. He only lasted 3 months as king. Neb besieged Jerusalem and took Jehoiachin and the royal family as permanent captives to Babylon, the second deportation. The third group captured was 10,000 leading citizens. This only left the poorest people to be puppets in Babylon's hands. This was the beginning of the 70 year of captivity of Judah by Babylon.


Reading in Jeremiah 36, we find that King Jehoiakim cut off a section of the scroll read to him by Jehudi, the messenger of Jeremiah, which the Lord had given, and burned it. Thus the Lord's Word came to Jeremiah-Jehoiakim will have no heirs to sit on the throne of David.

How can we find encouragement in all of this mess? It's there in Jeremiah 45:1-5. The Lord gave Jeremiah a message for Baruch, the one to whom he dictate God's Word. He had been serving this unpopular prophet for a long time, writing his boo of struggles and judgments.

You have said, "I am overwhelmed with trouble! Haven't I had enough pain already? And now the LORD has added more! I am worn out from sighing and can find no rest."
Baruch, this is what the LORD says:" I will destroy this nation that I built. I will uproot what I planted. Are you seeking great things for yourself? Don't do it! I will bring great disaster upon all these people; but I will give you your life as a reward wherever you go. I, the LORD, have spoken."

Can you imagine living during this time in Judah? Would we have been like Baruch, anxious about our plans for a bright future that are being dashed? Did he set his expectations too high so disasters were hard to bear? Have we taken our eyes off of God and put our focus on our self? Look for God's purposes instead of what we are giving up. It easy to loose the joy of serving Him.

Dash, in Webster's Dictionary, has several meanings, including:  to affect by mixing in something different; to knock, hurl, or thrust violently.

Sometimes life hurls at us the unexpected. Our future plans are changed and we are knocked down as discouragement and reality hits us head on. But for the believer, God is in control, sees what is going on, and will be our strength as we trust His will. His love never ends!


Stay focused on God; don't seek great things for myself.

Trust His ways to be higher than my ways.

Know that God never fails.

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