Monday, June 5, 2017

Mid-Life Crisis

O. T. #996 "Mid-Life Crisis"
June 5, 2017
2 Chronicles 33-Part 3
"My wayward children," says the LORD, "come back to Me, and I will heal your wayward hearts." Jeremiah 3:22


Do you know any middle aged people who have done crazy things? They may quit a long-time job or leave their family to pursue their own happiness? They leave  behind broken pieces and broken lives, only to have regrets later. Sure God forgives the repentant heart, but it is never the same. Satan is behind division, so we must guard against it. King Manasseh was evil until he was taken captive, then he repented and had a changed heart. Unfortunately, his son followed in his earlier footsteps and not the latter.

King's Manasseh's evil sickens us, and we wonder how God could ever forgive him. Not only did he intentionally offend God by desecrating Solomon's Temple with idols, but he also worshiped pagan gods and even sacrificed his children to them! Despite the bitter consequences of hi sins, he learned from them. (He was taken captive into Babylon.) Then he humbly repented of his sins before God. God will go a long way to get someone's attention. Forgiveness is limited not by the amount of sin but by our unwillingness to repent. How far has God gone to get our attention? (Life Application Study Bible)

So Manasseh came to know that Yahweh is God. (verse 13)

Looks like Manasseh's son, Amon, would have learned from his father's bad choices, but not so.
What do we find out about the next king of Judah, Amon?
  • He was 22 years old when Amon reigned in Jerusalem. (verse 21)
  • He only lasted 2 years as king.
  • He did what was evil in the LORD's sight, just as his father had done. (verse 22)
  • He worshiped and sacrificed to all the idols his father had made.  
  • But unlike his father, Amon did not humble himself before the LORD. (verse 23)
  • Instead, Amon sinned even more.
Whatever repentance or reform Manasseh attempted did no carry over to his son and successor, Amon. He picked up where his father had left off before his repentance, going back into idolatry. but with Amon there was no mid-life repentance. (Holman)

Sometimes it takes people 40 or 50 years to grow up; to come though the experience of a mid-life crisis realizing their life might by half over; to turn around and take responsibility for their actions; to even repent of their sins and try to make the best of what time they have let, coming to Jesus. It is sad that so many marriages do not survive that time.

Will we remain faithful through whatever life throws at us? Will our challenges bring us to our knees and result in our walking closer to God? Will we trust that God is in control and has a purpose for us? Keep in mind, sometimes troubles come due to the sinfulness of others.


What happened to Amon that he only reigned two years as king over Judah?
Amon's own officials conspired against him and assassinated Amon in his palace. he people of the land killed those who conspired against King Amon and they made his son Joash their next king.

The people were probably outraged by the assassination, so they had Amon's killers executed.
Killed at age 24, what short life.


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