Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hearing Bad News

O. T. #999 "Hearing Bad News"
June 8, 2017
2 Chronicles 34-Part 3
When the king heard the words of the Law, he tore his clothes. 2 Chronicles 3:19


Josiah is a good example for us to follow. When he heard the Word of God, he sought His will, was humbled, and even wept in repentance of the sins of his people. What do we do whenever we hear bad news?

When the Book of the Law of Moses was found in the Temple, it was read to the king of Judah, Josiah. Then he sent the high priest and royal officials to consult a prophetess named Huldah to determine God's perspective on the situation.
What did the LORD say through her?
  • God was going to bring disaster upon Jerusalem and its people.
  • All the curses written in the Scroll read to the king of Judah will come true.
  • For His people abandoned Him and offered sacrifices to pagan gods.
  • He is very angry with them for everything they had done.
  • God will pour out His anger on that place, and it would not be quenched.
God would send His judgment upon Judah about 28 years later, using Babylon to take them into captivity and destroying the Temple as well as Jerusalem. Can you imagine the brokenness of the king's heart as he heard of what God promised?
It is difficult to have to stand by and watch a loved one broken and death coming. Such is the case of those going through the effects of cancer or heart deterioration or Alzheimer's. We don't want them to suffer in their last days, and God is merciful in that area.
When our hope is in Jesus, we can have His peace and love as we go through those valleys.


A specific message for Josiah from the Lord said:
  • You were sorry and humbled yourself before God when you heard His words against this city and its people.
  • You humbled yourself and tore your clothing in despair and wept before Me in repentance.
  • He heard Josiah and promised He would not send disaster until after Josiah died and had been buried in peace.
  • Josiah would not see the disaster God was bringing upon Jerusalem and its people.
Can we see the seriousness of sin? Do we hear people excuse their sin, blame others, or pretend it isn't so bad as they compare it to other's sins?
Josiah was so appalled at the people's neglect of the Law that he tore his clothing expressing his grief. Our sins should lead us to "godly grief" that produces repentance as in 2 Corinthians 7:10.
An unread Bible is as useless as a lost one. Even reading the Bible is not enough; we must be willing to do what it says. (Life Application Study Bible)

Wash us in Your mercy, the blood of Jesus' sacrifice, for our righteousness is as dirty rags. Clean us Lord Jesus.

                     ...of sin and be sorry, humbled, weeping, and repentant over it.
                                ... and pray for our loved ones to get to that point in their life.
                                ... of spending my time my way and spend it in the Bible, obeying it.

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