Friday, June 2, 2017

Rings in the Nose

O. T. #995  "Rings in the Nose"
June 2, 2017
2 Chronicles 33-Part 2


Talk about humbling. I have had such an experience this week. The side effects of this new medication I have been on is an itching rash, even hives. I thought I was doing fine, with only one episode of horrible itching, that required a steroid shot, but not so. It started again after I waded through tall grass to turn on water to fill a lamb's bucket. (Taking care of my granddaughter's pets while they enjoy a vacation at the beach.) I was in tears by the time I got back home, rubbing and scratching both legs, even after a shower. I told my husband what was happening to me, and he suggested I use alcohol on the itchy spots. I was desperate so I gave it a try. What a relief! But that was 4 days ago and it happened again without my wading in the grass. Alcohol has not helped this time, so I took a pink pill. As I write this, I stop and scratch, then write some more. Please Jesus make it stop! Yes this is very humbling. Judah's king had a humbling experience in today's reading.

So when this overwhelmingly evil man Manasseh was king of Judah, he worshiped idols to the full extent; he even placed them in the Temple of God. All the good that his father had accomplished, including bringing revival to the people in worshiping God, became just a story written down.
However, the Lord spoke to Manasseh and his people, but how did they react? Was it repentance? No, they ignored all His warnings.

What happened next?
  • God sent commanders of Assyrian armies and they took Manasseh prisoner.
  • They put a ring in his nose and bound him in bronze chains.
  • Judah's king was led away to Babylon.
  • While in deep distress, Manasseh sought the LORD his God and sincerely humbled himself before the God of his ancestors.
  • When he prayed, the Lord listened to him and was moved by his request.
  • So the Lord brought Manasseh back to Jerusalem and to his kingdom.
  • Then Manasseh finally realized that the LORD alone is God!
I must admit that I would have given up on this man long before God did. Isn't it amazing that God did not give up on this cruel and evil man, a blasphemer? God knew how to humble him, though.
A ring in the nose of a king? He was treated like an animal. I have seen big bulls lead around and acting gently as a lamb because of the ring in their nose. And taken away as a captive slave-how humiliating and a helpless position.
Oh how gracious God is! This should be encouraging to godly parents of straying children. Our God can bring them back to Him. Don't give up, for God hears our prayers. After all, He did Manasseh's.
What will it take?


Manasseh was a changed man:
  • He rebuilt an outer wall high  around Jerusalem,
  • stationed his military officers in all the fortified towns,
  • removed the foreign gods and the idol in the Temple,
  • tore down the altars in Jerusalem,
  • He restored the altar of the LORD,
  • sacrificed peace offerings and thanksgiving offerings on it, and
  • encouraged his people to worship only God.

What an experience for Manasseh. Finally, my itching is beginning to subside.
Watch out for those rings!


                               of pride and be humbled.

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