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Trustworthy Leaders

O. T. #920 "Trustworthy Leaders"
Feb. 6, 2017
1 Chronicles 27


Here we read about the protectors of the Temple and the land of Israel, the army and civil servants. In the last chapter we read of the Temple organization. Now Ezra focuses on the military and civil government organizations. Both were ordered by God and governed by His divine Law.

The army of Israel consisted of 28,000 men, who were responsible for  guarding the Temple and the nation. They were divided into 12 units/corp/divisions with 24,000 each serving one month out of the year rotation. However, in time of war, all were called to serve.

David had established a captain over each division. Each one was a distinguished military person, listed in chapter 11 as his "mighty men." Basically, these men oversaw the military. They had proven themselves trustworthy during David's running from Saul. (For some unknown reason, the tribes of Gad and Asher were not mentioned.)

Our reputation precedes us in our later years. It goes before us, whether good or bad. It is true especially when on lives in a small community or attends a small church.
What are we known as?


I verses 16-24, we read of a description of the organization of the civil government of Israel. (Remember those reading this had returned from captivity of Babylon, so everything had to be newly organized once again.) In addition to capable soldiers, there were capable leaders whom David appointed to the tribes o Israel. Each tribe had a representative before the king, David's "chain of command."  David didn't complete his census which had earlier resulted in so many dying.

Others are mentioned as a type of cabinet of the king, like our President has:
  • Azmaveth was put in charge of the palace treasuries or David's royal possessions.
  •  Jonathan as in charge of regional treasuries.
  • Men were put in charge of David's various agricultural assets.
  • David's uncle Jonathan was a wise counselor; a man of great insight and a scribe.
  • Jehiel was in charge of teaching the king's sons.
  • Ahirhophel was the roal advisor.
  • Hushai was the king's friend.
  • Joab was the commander of the king's army.
Are we trustworthy? Can others depend on us to be truthful? Corrupt leaders can bring a nation or an organization down.

Be trustworthy and honest.

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