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How Do We Encounter Danger?

O. T. #919  "How Do We Encounter Danger?"
Feb. 3, 2017
1 Chronicles 26
...for they were mighty men of valor.  1 Chronicles 26:6, 30,31,32


Do you remember he man named Obed-edom? He was the Jew that kept he Ark of the Covenant after Uzza's tragic death during its transport by David to bring it to Jerusalem. God blessed his household during those months.  He and his family are mentioned in verses 4-8. How did God bless
Obed-edom again? He was given many children-62 sons and grandsons. I would say this man was quite blessed. Well, Obed-edom had assisted in moving the Ark (16:5) and was appointed by David to be a porter (gatekeeper) at the tent of the Ark in Jerusalem (16:38). How proud this man must have been to have been since the Bible describes his son, Shemaiah,  and grandson, as mighty men of valor.

This word has several meanings in the Hebrew language, so I looked in Webster's Dictionary. 
Valor means to be strong: strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness; personal bravery.

What a family of men, would you agree?
Encounter danger with firmness. Sounds like to me that these men had been taught to be faithful to God, stand for what was right, and to trust in God by example of their father and grandfather, Obed-edom.

In addition to Obed-edom's family, Hashabiah and Jerijah had mighty men of valor as their descendants. They are named in verses 30-32. What an honor.

Are we a man or woman of valor? Do we depend on God when confronted with a danger to strengthen us to remain firm? What a challenge.
Lord Jesus, develop personal bravery within me and my friends here to face what challenges or dangers today holds.

Also, do we consider children a blessing from God, not a burden?


The author Ezra continues to write about the Temple duties of:
  • Captain of the Guard (verse 1),
  • Guards for the gates and storehouses (verses 12-18),
  • Those who cared for the treasury (verse 20),
  • Chief officer of the treasury (verses 23,24),
  • Those who cared for dedicated items (verses 26-28),
  • Public Administrators (verses 29, 30).
Keep in mind that when David conquered Israel's enemies, he also got their land and treasures. He then brought them to dedicate to the Lord. These items needed to be guarded, plus the articles in the Temple area made of gold, silver, and brass.

Were those men joyfully serving as guards? Did they rejoice in their duties and faithfully serve?
What an example to us.


Ask God for strength of mind and spirit to encounter danger with firmness.

Help me rise above my problems, trials, failures.

Teach my family to serve God faithfully by my example.

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