Wednesday, February 22, 2017

First Act as King

O. T. #931  "First Act as King"
Feb. 22, 2017
2 Chronicle 1
There in front of the Tabernacle Solomon went up to the bronze altar of the LORD's presence and sacrificed 1,000 burnt offerings on it. 2 Chronicles 1:6


What do you remember about Solomon from past studies? If you said that he was David's son, the next king of Israel, the one who built the Temple, was very wise, and had many wives, you were right.
Now, the first nine chapters of this book focus on the reign of Solomon.  Two major themes are found in 2 Chronicles-the building of the Temple and revival.

The accomplishments of David are mentioned here:
He brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem and resided in a tent, while the Tabernacle resided in Gibeon. The Ark had been at Shiloh, then captured by the Philistines, recovered by David and temporarily was at Kirjath-jearim, then Gibeon. The Tabernacle was at Shiloh, Nob, and Gibeon.

Verse 1 is essential for us to zoom in on, where:
  • Solomon took control of his kingdom,
  • the LORD God was with him,
  • and God made him very powerful.
Boy, was that a great beginning for a new king. I'm sure David was a hard man to follow as king. He accomplished so much. Were the people waiting to see what the new king would do/accomplish?
Much like today when a new leader takes over in a country.


Solomon called a meeting with the leaders, only it was in another city-Gibeon. His first act was to lead them in worship by offering burnt offerings unto God upon the Mosaic brazen altar in the Tabernacle there. I'd say that was a good leader and a good beginning for the nation.

As a new leader what would be our first act? Would it be to lead our people in worship of God?


Make sure the Lord is leading me to lead others, that it is His will.

Ask for His Holy Spirit to give me wisdom as I lead.

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