Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Cup Runneth Over!

O. T. #773  "My Cup Runneth Over!"
June 14, 26
1 Kings 9
...for it is dear to Me.  1 Kings 9:3


I just wanted to share what a blessed day I had yesterday before we get started in our study. My cup runneth over with blessings! First of all, we suspected that our refrigerator was having problems and not working right before we left  for our family reunion of 3 days. We were right. However, we didn't have to buy a new one since a repairman was able to fix the problem. Then we were off to the Social Security office so I could get information on my retirement. Actually, I expected to have to wait another 2 1/2 years, but it all worked out and now I am retired, according to the government. (Of course, housework is not included.) That was an unexpected surprise. Next, good news came in the mail from one of my doctors. My Crohns is inactive and I don't need a colonoscopy for 5 years! Hang on, it gets better. Also in the mail was an invitation to attend a conference in beautiful Tennessee this fall with one of my favorite Bible study teachers, free.
Did I tell you that I had a blessed day yesterday? How great is our God! Thank You Lord!
After living through last week and all the discouragements, I needed that. How about you? Had one of those weeks where you could use some extras blessings? Is our cup empty? Take it to the Fountain of Living Water and offer it up.

Solomon had some good news, too. He completed the Temple and the royal palace as he had planned to do. It took him 20 years, but he did it.
Then the LORD appeared to him a second time, saying:
  • He heard Solomon's payer and petition.
  • He set that Temple apart to be holy place where His name would be honored forever.
  • God would always watch over it, for it was dear to His heart. (verses 1-3)
What is dear to your heart? If you made a list, would your place of worship be included? Would you prayer room be included?


What else did God tell Solomon?
  • If Solomon would follow God with integrity and godliness, as his father David did, obeying all instructions, then the throne of his dynasty would be over Israel forever.
  • However, if he and his descendants abandoned God and disobey the commands and worship other gods, then Israel would be uprooted from their land and the Temple would be a  mockery and ridicule among the nations. People would pass by it and be appalled and shake their heads in amazement. (verses 4-9)
Obedience to the Mosaic statues would result in blessings of the Davidic covenant. The devastation of the Temple came in 586 B.C. as the Lord showed his anger against Israel's idolatry. (MacArthur)

It was some 373 years later when Israel went into Babylonian captivity. They had been warned, but did not heed it. God kept His unconditional promise to David's line on the throne through the birth of Jesus Christ, who now reigns in heaven and will one day reign as King upon the earth.

If there is one thing that God does not tolerate, it is idolatry, worship of another in His place.
Are we seeking God and His kingdom first?


Thank God for His blessings.

Keep Him first in my life.

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