Wednesday, June 29, 2016

He Lost it All

O.T. #784  "He Lost it All"
June 29, 2016
1 Kings 13-Part 2


King Jeroboam of Israel encountered a man of God who prophesied that priests would be killed on the altar he set up in pagan worship. It actually happened 300 years later by Josiah. When Jeroboam ordered the prophet to be seized, pointing to him, his hand became paralyzed in that position and he couldn't move it. At the same time, he saw the altar crack and ashes pour out from it as the prophet predicted. This was a startling awakening for the king. He asked the man of God to ask God to restore his hand. So the man of God prayed to God and the king's hand was restored.
Jeroboam tried to trap the man by offering food, drink, and a gift to the prophet, but God had already told him to not do so. And he left Bethel a different way home. It is best to not have fellowship with unbelievers. They may persuade our heart to turn from God.
But even after this, Jeroboam did not turn from his evil ways. He continued to choose priests from the common people. The tribe of Levite was chosen by God to be Israel's only priesthood. Anyone else serving would be under the penalty of death.

We know that Jeroboam's dynasty ended later on, (doomed for destruction) due to his double-mindedness and disobedience to God. He tried to seek favors from God through this. (Holman)

Don't let other people determine the will of God for your life. Obey what God's Word says to you, regardless of the cost.  (Wiersbe)


So I got curious as to how Rehoboam's dynasty ended and had to research it. Here is what I found, for a little history review of things to come for Israel.

Rose Book of Bible & Christian History Time Lines revealed:
  • There are 19 kings of Israel (excluding Judah) listed, having lived from 910 B.C. to 722 B.C. after Jeroboam I.
  • Jeroboam set up his northern kingdom in 931 B.C.
  • During that time, King Ahab married Jezebel, who worshiped the Canaanite god Baal.
  • Elijah prophesied, and chose Elisha as his successor.
  • King Ahaziah  became king, then Jehoram.
  • Syria dominates Israel (841-807)
  • The temple of Baal is destroyed in Jerusalem.
  • Joash, at age 7, became king and repairs the temple.
  • Uzziah reigns while God raises up prophets Hosea, Micah, Jonah, Amos, Isaiah.
  • Then Israel ceases to exist in 722 as it ell to the Assyrians. Other people settle in the land of Israel who are deported from other regions, called Samaritans.
That is a lot of history, but we can see that the downfall and eventual conquering of Israel as due to their worshiping pagan gods and establishing idols, forsaking God, the One and only.

Does your family have the history of Christian believers and servants of God? Will your dynasty include children of God? Something to think about, especially with the Islamic movement to conquer to world.


Encourage others to remain faithful to Jesus, especially my family.

Be true to the True God.

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