Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Finally Finished

O. T. #770  "Finally Finished"
June 8, 2016
1 Kings 8-Part 3


What project have you finally finished, completed lately? I have been working for months on decorations for our summer Vacation Bible School.  It will be a good feeling to finally have it done. Especially since it is one which the Lord had instructed me to do. Solomon and the men of Israel had finally finished the Temple after working on it for 7 years. Don't you know what a happy time it was for them.

Solomon speaks to the congregation of Israel in this chapter.

The cloud, which represented God's presence, filled the house of the Lord, the new Temple.

King Solomon's declaration was addressed to the Lord. Solomon recognized the thick darkness as the manifestation of the Lord's gracious presence among His people (Ex. 19:9; 20:21; Lev. 16:2) and affirmed that he had built the temple so the Lord could dwell there in the glory of the thick darkness.  (MacArthur)

He blessed the LORD God of Israel after seeing His presence evident.
The Lord said that He would dwell in the thick darkness. (verse 12)

At one time, the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle the cloud symbolized God's mystery, obscuring the view of Him. It also represented His nearness-He was present in a tangible way.
(David Jeremiah)

Holmon Illustrated Bible Commentary explains:
This brief introduction states several significant points of history and covenant theology. First, god showed Himself in overwhelming glory and thick darkness. Both prevented human eyes from seeing God. Then, the temple was to be God's dwelling despite the fact that neither earth nor heaven could contain God. 

Does God dwell in your heart, dear friend? He wants to.


Solomon turned from facing God to address to bless the entire congregation of Israel standing before him.
What did the King say? He recognized God's covenant faithfulness in keeping His promises to David. (verse 15)

Four major steps in advancing God's covenant agenda are described here:
  1. by implication, god had a dwelling place among His people;
  2. this dwelling was the Temple built by the Davidic dynasty;
  3. it was in the city chosen, providentially, by David;
  4. this was the dynasty chosen by God. (Holman Illustrated Bible Commentary)

What a joyous day it must have been for Israel.


Thank and praise God for all He has done.

Give glory to the Lord in my finished projects.

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