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A Elaborate Palace

O. T. #765  "An Elaborate Palace"
June 1, 2016
1 Kings 7


It took 7-7 1/2 years for Solomon to complete the structure of the Temple of God. His next project was to build his palace, taking 13 years for completion, which was twice the time spent on the Temple.
Why did it take so long or why did Solomon spend so much time on his palace?
Keep in mind that his father David had previously provided some of the materials. Perhaps it took so long due to his lack of planning with his own construction, or it was because he lavished more wealth and beauty on it than the Temple. Maybe it was because only once every three years the merchant ships brought gold, silver, and ivory (10:17). I suppose the reason did not affect the length of time, nor does it matter in the long run.

The MacArthur Bible Commentary explains:
A fortune was spent on building adjacent to the temple the whole palace with its three parts:
  1. the king's home;
  2. the courtyard in the middle;
  3. the house of the women on the other side.


Shall we take a look at this splendorous palace?
The five palace complex buildings show his consideration for comfort and luxury:
  1. The Palace of the Forest of Lebanon was an armory and treasury for weapons and eating utensils. It got its named because the interior was mostly made of cedar. "The 45 pillars set in this building gave the impression of being in a majestic forest," David Guzik said. Above the beams of pillars were 45 side rooms. There were 500 gold shields that hung in this palace.
  2. The Hall of Pillars had a porch in front, along with a canopy supported by pillars. It was a porch attached to the armory or entrance into the next building. It served as a waiting room for people with law suits, before they were admitted into the throne room of the king. 
  3. The Hall of Justice was where legal matters were heard. It was paneled with cedar, also.
  4. Solomon's royal residence was his  private living quarters, which surrounded a courtyard behind the Hall of Justice. They were constructed the same.
  5. The harem living quarters was built similar to Solomon's. Pharaoh's daughter, whom he married, lived there, also.
Now I see why Solomon's palace was considered elaborate.

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