Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Double Disobedience

O. T. #778  "Double Disobedience"
June 21, 2016
1 Kings 11
...they turned his heart away from the LORD.  1 Kings 11:3


Solomon is known as having built the fantastic Temple in Israel and being the wisest man on earth. Also, he was very wealthy and king of Israel, having a dominating empire in his world, in his time. We previously read about his astounding number of possessions.

Now Solomon is about 60 years old by this time. Among kings in the ancient Near East, taking foreign wives often produced political alliances; for Israel, it led to the worship of other gods-a double disobedience. (D. Jeremiah)

Yes, it was a double disobedience. (How could such a wise man be so stupid? His family would eventually loose what he had built up.)

How was Solomon committing double disobedience?
First, Israel was forbidden to marry foreign wives. In Exodus 34, God instructed Moses that Israel was to not intermarry with foreign nations. They could lead Israel into a covenant. Israel was warned that these foreigners would become a snare to them, so their altars, pillars, wooden images were to be destroyed.
However, it was a common practice in this era to ratify treaties by giving women as wives to the other one. That is how Solomon ended up with 700 wives and 300 concubines. Polygamy was tolerated in the Hebrews huh most one had one wife. A number of wives was a sign of wealth and importance. but, this was a sin directly violating God's Law, which was designed to prevent what happened in Solomon's life.
Second, The particular evil in Solomon's life was the tolerance and practice of idolatry. Deuteronomy 17:17 prohibited the marriage of wives who practiced idolatry, which would result in a heart turned from worshiping God to worshiping an idol. this very thing happened to Solomon, to whom God had spoken twice previously.

David Jeremiah described the situation: At first, Solomon's sin was immorality and sensuality, but eventually it became gross idolatry that divided his heart.


Obedience to the Mosaic covenant was necessary in receiving blessing through the Davidic Covenant. Solomon failed to obey the commandments to honor God (Ex. 20:3-6). (MacArthur)

Solomon did not listen and ended up worshiping the idols of his many wives, which turned his heart away from God. How sad a time.

Previously, the Lord had taken Saul's kingdom away when he practiced sorcery. Now we read of Solomon's kingdom being taken away from Solomon's son, after Solomon's death. The Lord was faithful in his Word to David (2 Sam. 7). Israel did divide into tow kingdoms-the northern kingdom of Israel, and the southern kingdom of Judah.

Oh, Solomon, how you disappoint us. Well, lest we be too quick to point a finger at him, let us consider how many times we have failed to obey God's Words and instructions. Do we disappoint others, as well as God, when we disobey? Although we are guilty, God's grace is sufficient; His mercy endures forever.


Consider the results of sins which could be in my life if I pursue them.

Do not allow any idols in my life.

Love God and serve Him only.

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