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World's First Catering Service

O. T. #649  "World's First Catering Service"
December 4, 2015
1 Samuel 25-Part 4
Abigail wasted no time. she quickly gathered...  1 Samuel 25:18


Abigail, the wife of stingy ole Nabal, received the message concerning David's request for compensation for protecting Nabal's sheep and shepherds. He was unapproachable, but the little wife was not. She knew what her husband was and his weaknesses. At a pivotal moment in the lives of all involved, she didn't fight with her husband, but chose to protect the goose, if mean man. I think Nabal didn't have the brains that God gave a goose, as the saying goes.

Look at verses 18-19 and see how Abby protected him. She went straight to the kitchen and began gathering up food to appease David and his request. What could only one lady do to calm down David and 600 hungry men?
  • She took 200 loaves of bread,
  • 2 jugs of wine,
  • 5 sheep already prepared for eating,
  • 5 measures of roasted grain,
  • 100 clusters of raisins,
  • and 200 cakes of figs,
  • then loaded them on donkeys.
Is this the world's first catering service, or what? Sounds like it to me. Listen, she and her chefs were not sitting around drinking coffee and having a chat. That woman went to work immediately and didn't even tell Nabal how she was interceding for him.
Sometimes a wife just acts and tells later, in the best interest of her husband. (Swindoll)
Besides, with him in that mood, she would not have survived the conversation. She was saving his live, literally.

Do we have wisdom within us throughout the day? Will we act when the Holy Spirit prompts us or do we wait and question? Are we using what God has supplied us with for His glory?


Can you see them all loaded down, Abigail on her donkey and her catering servants, as well as all that packed up food, headed down the mountain toward David and his army. Can you hear the horses' hoofs and their riders' growling stomachs as they approach her? She didn't know what kind of welcome they would receive, but she went in faith and with food. who can resist the smell of fresh bread? Abigail was bring a peace offering to David.

According to verses 21 and 22, David went with the intent to kill every male in Nabal house. He was in no mood to listen to excuses, for he was on a mission. Nevertheless, David did stop and talk to this beautiful woman. While riding along, Abigail prayed and planned what she would say and do when she met David. What took place whenever David and Abigail met?
  • When Abigail saw David, she quickly got off her donkey and bowed low before him, showing respect. (verse 23) 
  • She shows tact-6 times she calls herself David's servant and 8 times she calls him her lord.
  • She accepted all the blame in this matter and asked David to listen to her.
  • She admitted that her husband was wicked and ill-tempered, so Abigail asked for David to not pay any attention to him.
  • She calls her husband a fool, as his name indicated.
  • She never saw the young men David sent.
  • Since the Lord kept him from murdering and taking vengeance into his own hands, Abigail offers for David's enemies and those trying to harm him to be cursed, such as Nabal.
  • She gives the food as a present to David and asks for him to forgive her if she had offended him in any way.
  • Obviously, Abby knows that David has been anointed as the next king of Israel, from what she said in verses 29-31. She challenged David to not let this murdering be a blemish on his record when he became king. Then his conscience would be clear of bloodshed and vengeance.
  • Finally, Abigail asks David to remember her when he becomes king.
We are going to stop there today, since this was rather lengthy.
David was a man who fought the Lord's battles, but this was not one of them. He had to let God handle Nabal in His own way. He could not take matters into his own hands, though he sure wanted to do it.

Abigail was acting as an advocate and mediator between these men. She was asking David to wait, take her provisions, and turn around and go back. Also, Abby was showing loyalty to David when she mentions the future for him as king.

Does anyone have disobedience and compromise in your past? You have a God who cares and does not turn His back. Run to Him, dear one. Get back on your feet of faith, forgiven.


                                ...of anger before it gets the better of me.
                                ...of pride and bow before my Lord Jesus in repentance.
                                ...and stay wise with God.

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