Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Spear and a Jug"

O. T. #653 "A Spear and a Jug"
December 10, 2015
1 Samuel 26
But take his spear and that jug of water beside his head, and then let's get out of here!
1 Samuel 26:11b NLT


Some men told Saul where David was hiding and he took 3,000 of Israel's elite troops and went to hunt known David in the wilderness. He camped along the road where David was camped. When David heard about this, he sent spies to verify the report of Saul's arrival.

Then one night, David slipped over to Saul's camp to take a look around. Can you see him hiding behind the rocks? He saw Saul and his commander of his army, Abner, sleeping inside a ring formed by the sleeping warriors. David didn't run back o camp. No, this guy did a very brave thing:
  • He asked for volunteers to go with him inside Saul's camp. Maybe there were no volunteers.
  • David asked two men, Ahimelech and Abishai. Abishai volunteered to go with him.
  • So while Saul and his men slept, David and Abishai snuck into Saul's camp.
  • David took Saul's spear which was stuck into the ground beside his head and a jug of water.
  • Abishai offered to kill Saul right then, but David refused it.
  • Again, David called Saul God's anointed as in chapter 24.
  • He thought God would strike Saul down someday or he would die of old age or in battle. David left that up to his God's timing and technique.
A second time David showed Saul that he ad an opportunity to kill him, but refused the temptation. Do we refuse to kill others with out tongue of destruction?
Verse 13 tells us that the Lord put Saul's men into a deep sleep.


After all of that, David climbed the hill opposite camp, a safe distance from Saul, but within shouting distance. He addressed Abner and accused him of being a terrible guard for the king. He asked Abner where the king's spear and water jug were. Of course Abner could not find them because David had the objects.

By that time, Saul recognized David's voice and David began talking directly to the king.  Again, David questioned Saul as to why he was chasing him and what crime he had committed. What did David propose to do?
  • If the LORD stirred Saul up against him, then David would make an offering to Him for his sin.
  • I this is simply a human scheme, then may those involved be cursed by the Lord.
  • David said that he had been driven away from his home and could no longer live among God's people, so he had the option of worshipping pagan gods.
  • David asked if he must die on foreign soil far from the presence of the Lord.
  • Also, he asked why Saul searched for him like a flea and hunted him down like a partridge on the mountain.
Saul's response, one more time, was similar to the previous one-come back David; I will not harm you because you spared my life. Right! David is no fool.
David offer the king's sword returned to him, so one of his men went and got it from David.
Saul blessed David and admitted that he would do many heroic deeds and would succeed in life.
Finally, both men left.

Do we leave the revenge of evil done to us up to God to hand it? Or do we take matters into our own hands?


Trust God with the details of my life.

Continue to serve Him in spite of how others treat me.

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