Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Hero vs. Not a Hero

O. T. #666  "A Hero vs. Not a Hero"
December 30, 2015
2 Samuel 1


Who do you consider to be a hero? I think the military people who protect our country against the evil ones in the world are mine. There are a few personal ones, but I won't name them here.

We pick up the life of David, continuing where we left off. In this book, named after the great Prophet Samuel, David experiences triumphs and troubles.

Who killed King Saul of Israel? We read in 1 Samuel 31 that Saul was injured by a Philistine's arrow during their battle, then fell upon his own sword after his armor bearer wouldn't put him out of his misery. However, today, we read of an escapee Amalekite who comes into Ziklag from Israel's camp, and becomes another suspect in the matter. This guy said that Saul asked him to slay him, so he did just that. Now, either the man is lying or telling the truth. Several tend to think he was lying because he gave to David the king's crown and bracelet. Probably the man expected a reward, medal, or a life pension. The unexpected happened instead-David had him killed for killing the king, if he actually did it. If it was a lie, then it turned out to be a fatal lie. The man expected to be treated like a hero for killing God's anointed one. If this Amalekite actually did kill Saul, it would have been due to Saul's rebellion by not obeying God in slaughtering the Amalekites back in 1 Samuel.

Do we have discernment to tell if one is truthful or lying? Can we tell when a person plotted and schemed an evil deed instead of  the truth?


At any rate, that the stranger gave David the news that Saul and Jonathan and many Israelis died during the battle with the Philistines. Recognizing the articles of the king, David and his men wept, mourned, and fasted for the death of Saul, Jonathan, and his men. (verse 12)

David told his people to teach the children of Judah how to use the bow. (verse 18)
The Israelites had no iron weapons of war, so Saul taught them how to use the bow. (McGee)

So something good came from Saul's life. Will there be something good come from our life after we are gone? Are we teaching our children and grandchildren about the Lord Jesus? Will we be considered a hero because of our faith?


Be a hero by obeying and pleasing God, and sharing the plan of salvation.

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