Friday, December 11, 2015

What a plan!

O. T. # 654  "What a Plan!
December 11, 2015
1 Samuel 27
David said in his heart...   1 Samuel 27:1


When in trouble or a circumstance that needs a solution, do we devise plan instead of asking the Lord for His direction? Do we look to logic or the Lord? I would think that David, a man after God's own heart, would continue to seek God's will for him. What a plan!

David thought Saul would ultimately kill him, so he devised a plan, I think. That was the problem, he thought about his situation and devised a plan, I think. He, his two wives, and his army of 600 men went to live in the city of Gath, (Giant Goliath's home) where the Philistine King Achish lived and ruled, in order to escape Saul. Later on, David  requested they be given a city of his own so he could be free from the constant surveillance in Gath. While there, David and his men went out killing and conquering some Philistine cities, then telling Achish they were Israeli cities. For 16 months David was able to conceal his actions from the king.
The thing is, in 1 Samuel 22:4 says, the Prophet Gad told David to stay in the land of Judah, after he took his parents to Moab. (I didn't realize this, and must have skipped over it.)
Now, I read of two different viewpoints on this chapter.

Some scholars interpret this time with the Philistines as wholly dishonoring to the Lord; some believe the Lord used it to protect Israel's anointed king, sparing David from the battle in which Saul was killed. (The Jeremiah Study Bible)

So, we can choose which one we favor.
Do which do we listen to-our fearful heart like David, or the Holy Spirit?
God is able to deliver us from any circumstance. As David Jeremiah said, His provision is a promise, not just a possibility.


David was raiding the Geshurites, Girgites, and the Amalekites instead of the Israelites. He didn't leave anyone alive in the villages he attacked. Also, David too the animals and clothing for his possessions. He would tell the king that he raided the land of Judah, which was a lie. No one lived to tell the king the truth of what actually happened. So while living in enemy territory, David was killing their own people, Israel's enemies. This would be beneficial for when he became king of Israel.

King Achish thought the people of Israel would be hating David, so he would stay and serve the king forever. Boy, did David do a good job of fooling him!

I am not advocating that we use David's tactics to solve our problem. We are to stay living the truth of God. There are times our faith wavers and we turn to them. God is faithful and forgives when we ask.


Remember, God does not give me a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind.

Release it all to Jesus.

Trust Him to handle it all when we don't know what to do.

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