Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Lookng Backwaards and Forwards

O. T. #665  "Looking Backwards and Forwards"
Introduction to 2 Samuel

As another year comes to an end, a new one is around the corner. It is always good to look back and reflect on events, choices, challenges, changes, answered prayers, and faith. What did God allow into your life this year? How did it change you? Was it for the good or not so good? What things brought you closer to the Lord and to others?

Ah, looking back on my 2015 year of life. It was my extended 14 year of my breath and life. Let me repeat here, God extended my life all this time since 2001 when I almost died after surgery. Again in 2014, He sustained my life when my potassium and sodium was so low that I almost died. Yes, I have had another blessed year to life. I am so grateful to the Lord Jesus and His providing for me.

It as quite a challenging year for my husband and me, for we both had surgery and time of recuperation. Because of it, we chose not to go on a foreign mission trip. Instead, our missions was at home-Dedication of our new sanctuary, revival services, Vacation Bible School, and  Princess Girl Retreat. He baptized 21 into our church, most of whom had received salvation through one of those activities.

Our family was blessed with another baby boy added; Andrew was born in July. Oh, I almost forgot, we went to visit our daughter and her 6 children back in November. Roger and I drove on into the beautiful state of Vermont and spent a couple of days in celebration of our 43rd anniversary.

Just two weeks ago my brother had a stroke, leaving his left hand, arm, and leg without control. His is doing alright now, and is in a rehab facility. I am going to visit him this afternoon and take some homemade fudge and banana bread to him.

One of the challenges I faced was that of sharing my testimony about childhood abuse. It was very difficult, since only few knew about it. Since then, I am working on writing a book in hopes to help girls and other women who have experienced similar things and how the Lord has healed me through this process.

Yes, the Lord has blessed me indeed, enlarged my territory, kept His hand on me, kept me from evil, and kept me from causing others pain, as Jabez prayed, which was answered (1 Chronicles 4:10). He has definitely kept me this year. Thank You Jesus!

Shall we look backward into David's life, then forward?

The Life Application Study Bible gives us some background on this 2 Samuel:  
  • Author? It is unknown. Some have suggested that Nathan's son Zabud may have been the author (1 Kings 4:5). The book also includes the writings of Nathan and Gad (1 Chronicles 29:29).
  • Date written? 930 B.C. , soon after David's reign, 1010-970 B. C.
  • Setting? The land of Israel under David's rule.
  • Key people? David, Joab, Bathsheba, Nathan, Absalom

Back in 1 Samuel 13, David, the youngest son of Jesse, a descendant of Judah, the son of Jacob, descendant of Abraham, was anointed king of Israel. Also, David was the ancestor of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. King Saul and his son Jonathan were killed, along with many others, in a battle with the Philistines. Saul was so jealous of David that he was intent on killing David. Therefore, David spent around 12 years running for his life. During those times, he wrote songs (Psalms) as prayers to the Lord. As a lad, he would sing and play his harp to his sheep as their shepherd, then to Saul to sooth his restless spirit. This former shepherd would soon be the shepherd of his kinsmen, Judah and Israel. He acknowledged the Great Shepherd of the God of Israel.

Adversity is the test of faith; prosperity is the test of integrity. (D. Jeremiah)

Looking forward into David's life, we see that he will encounter successes and struggles, consequences of sin, and renewed worship of God within Israel. God establishes the Davidic covenant, which guaranteed the throne of David to last forever.

How will we react when an unexpected fork in the road of our life confronts us? Although we don't foresee what temptations, decisions, and opportunities we will face this year, we can seek God's wisdom, counsel, protection, and companionship each day. He will guide our every steps along the way as David said in Psalm 63:8.

So let's look to the author and finisher of our faith-Jesus.

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