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Divine Appointments

O. T. #592  "Divine Appointments"
September 7, 2015
1 Samuel 9-Part 3
Anoint him leader over my people Israel...   1 Samuel 9:16b


Do we recognize it when God manipulates our circumstances to get us in the right place at the right time according to His will? Do we think things just happen to us or do we believe in Divine appointments? What has God purposed for us to do today in His kingdom work?
He can even use straying donkeys to get a man (Saul) at the right city(Gilgal), to speak to the right person (Prophet Samuel). What strange things God uses for His purposes to be accomplished. He does have a sense of humor.

Saul was with his servant on a hunting expedition, looking for his father's donkeys that wandered away. After three days, his servant suggested they inquire of the Seer, Prophet Samuel as to their animals whereabouts. God had already told Samuel the day before this that He was sending a Benjaminite man to him for Samuel to anoint as Israel's leader. He would be their new king-Saul.
Saul would deliver Israel from the hand of the Philistines.

Anointing was a practice used to confirm the role of a priest (Ex. 28:41, 29:7; Lev. 4:3, 8:12) From this point onward, it was also done for kings. Anointing signified separation and divine equipping for a particular calling from the Lord-a consecration for service. (The Jeremiah Study Book)

According to verse 19-20, when these two met, Samuel instructed Saul:
  • to go to the high place of worship and sacrifice where he would bless the sacrifice for the Israelite people ( city of Gilgal);
  • Saul would eat a meal with Samuel;
  • In the morning, Samuel would let Saul go;
  • Samuel would tell Saul what was in his heart (tell him where his donkeys were located);
  • Saul's donkeys were found, so he was to not worry;
  • He was to be Israel's desire for a king, which is called captain.
The word captain used here refers to a commander, civil, military or religious; chief; governor; leader; noble; prince; chief ruler.

In other words, Saul was to be the first king of Israel at the peoples' request. He was set apart for the Lord's service. The private anointing is found in the next chapter.

Then Saul proceeded to inform Samuel that his was of the smallest tribe, Benjamin, and his clan was the least of them. (They were the smallest because God nearly wiped the out due to their immorality.)God does not need affluence nor pedigree to advance His kingdom, does He?

Saul asked, "Why do you say such a thing to me?" (verse 21) Feeling a bit inferior, are we Saul? Keep it, less it overtakes pride and causes you trouble later.
Samuel did not answer the question.

Ever had your questions remain unanswered? Sure, we all have some. Why this? Why that? Yet the Lord does not tell us why. He can see the big picture, we can't. That is why trusting Him is the only answer we get. God knows best and has a plan, dear ones.

Proverbs 3:5-6 says, Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.

Are we trusting the Lord in all things?


As it continues, Samuel brought Saul and his servant into the dining hall and seated them at the head table of 30 guests.

By giving Saul the priest's portion (Ex. 29:27), Samuel indicated that he was God's anointed king. (D. Jeremiah)

I wonder if Saul was given a leg of lamb for the feast. Whatever kind of leg, this meat was cooked and set aside specifically for Saul as a symbol of his being the new king of Israel. After the dinner, Saul went to Samuel's house, and apparently he and his servant spent the night there, on Samuel's roof. (A common custom). At daybreak, the three began walking out of town when Samuel had the servant go on ahead of them. The purpose of this was so Samuel could give Saul a  message from God.

Do we listen closely when the pastor gives a message from God to His church? Better yet, do we heed it?
Are we listening for what God has to say to us as we read His Word? Listening is the key. It take time and effort, but is rewarded.

Do we chase after things of the world, donkeys so to speak, instead of godly things, God's will?
When we see others doing such, do we strive to bring them back to Jesus?


Trust and obey King Jesus, no matter the cost.

Humbly serve Jesus today.

Stand still when one shares God's Word to me.

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