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Undeserved Kindness

O. T. #562  "Undeserved Kindness"
July 22, 2015
Ruth 2-Part 2
Then she fell on her face, and bowed herself to the ground, and said unto him, Why have I found grace in thine eyes, that thou shouldest take knowledge of me, seeing I am a stranger?
Ruth 2:10


They don't deserve my showing kindness, after all, they hurt me by...
I am supposed to forgive them for what they did or said, the way they hurt me?
I can't do that on my own strength, Lord. I need Your help. Please forgive me of these sins I have committed toward them. I need a new heart so I can do what is right and pleasing to you. Change my attitude toward them, too, Lord. Only you can do that.
I know, I don't deserve Your kindness because of my hurting You when I sin. Same thing, huh? Only mine is worse. I know better, yet don't do it. How disappointed You must be in me. I need Your grace and loving kindness.
Ruth realized that she didn't deserve Boaz's kindness. Find out why she thought that by reading on.

We left Ruth in the corn field picking up ears to take home for her and Naomi's supper. Ruth went looking for grace in the sight of the landowner's eyes. Grace, in this verse and in the Hebrew language, refers to favor, kindness. She found alright, for it was Boaz's field in which Ruth was gleaning. Yes, it just so happened, from the human standpoint a coincidence, that Ruth was working in the field that belonged to her late husband's relative, a kinsman. If you believe in God's Devine Providence, like me, then you believe it was her destiny. Ruth was led to the right place and the right time.

If we are following the Lord Jesus, then we will be at the right place in the right time for us to witness, help, encourage someone in need today.
Are we looking for grace from God and others? Will we show grace today to another?


Boaz went to check on the day's activity of harvest in his field. What a relationship between this employer and his employees. He pronounces a blessing upon the workers and they in turn do the same. Then Boaz notices someone new in his field and inquires about the Gentile girl, Ruth, calling her a damsel (servant-girl).
Here the manager identifies Ruth as a Moabitish damsel, that foreigner who came back with Naomi from Moab. He explained to Boaz why he had allowed Ruth to remain in the field after she asked permission. She even rested for a short time in the hut for the workers. Boaz approved of the situation.

What did Boaz tell Ruth?
  • He calls her daughter, showing his recognition of his responsibility as family (goel).
  • He encouraged her to abide here fast, staying close to his own servant girls.
  • She would be protected while in his field, for he'd instruct the men not to touch her.
  • Ruth was given permission to drink from the water jars when thirsty.
Evidently Boaz's kindness overwhelmed Ruth, for she said in verse 10: Then she fell on her face, and bowed herself to the ground, and said unto him, Why have I found grace in thine eyes, that thou shouldest take knowledge of me, seeing I am a stranger?

Boaz answered that he was willing to show every kindness to Ruth because of the kindness that she had shown to her mother-in-law. The term kindness (chesed in Hebrew) indicates the personal expression of godliness on the part of one servant of the Lord to another. (Falwell)

How great is God's kindness, chesed, toward us Gentile foreigners when He loves us, saves us for eternity, and provides for us poor and needy people! Bless His name and thank Him for His provisions upon us undeserved, sinful people.

It is possible that Boaz encouraged Ruth to remain in his field where he might keep an eye on her not only for the purpose of protection, but possibly because of a personal interest in her. The impression is definitely given that he has set his heart upon her from the beginning.

Do we show undeserved kindness to others? It takes extra effort for those who are undeserving, due to how they treat me. Yet, I don't want God to treat me how I deserve. I need His loving kindness that is new every morning. So I will have to work on showing kindness to certain others.

Wiersbe's Expository Outlines on the Old Testament gives some practical lessons from this wonderful book:
1. No matter how difficult the situation may be, if we surrender to the Lord and obey Him, He will see us through.
2. No person is so far outside the reach of God's grace that he or she cannot be saved. Ruth had everything against her, but the Lord saved her!
3. God providentially guides those who want to obey Him and serve others. Because Ruth was concerned for Naomi, God led her and brought her into a life of happiness.


Realize that I don't deserve God's grace and kindness.

Forgive those who have hurt me, then show them kindness.

Do unto others like I want them to do unto me.

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