Saturday, July 4, 2015

It's Time to Stand Up!

O. T. #552 "It's Time to Stand Up!"
July 6, 2015
Judges 20
Now, all you Israelites, speak up and give your verdict.  Judges 20:7 NIV


Thinking of our freedoms, which cost so many their life, I wonder if we are  going down without a fight, Christians? Will we stand up and speak up against these immoral laws? Are we proud to be an American? I will stand up next to you, defending God's ways and laws and our freedoms and rights. I do not think we are in the minority here, yet. It's time to stand up. Israel united against the evil ones in a similar situation.

The Levite's call to rally against the hideous evil done in the city of Gibeah, located in the tribe of Benjamin's territory resulted in a great response of 400,000 Israelites. (He was assaulted by homosexual men, who raped his concubine wife, which resulted in her death.) Every man capable of holding a sword arrived in angry retaliation.

As a result of this tragedy, a national assembly was convened with people coming from the north and the south with a humble attitude and desire to seek help from God for the nation. (MacArthur)

Do we seek God's help for our nation's morality? Will we speak up and give our verdict on the immorality in this nation and unsupport of Israel this day? Oh, that we Christians would do the same at the voting poles. Are we asking God to give us a Christian president? Will we do as Israel or Benjaminites?


Rather than sending out the entire Israeli army they cast a lot, with 1/10 of the tribes going up against the city of Gibeah. (verse 9)
So 40,000 Israelis would go to fight against this folly (in Hebrew means emptiness), giving them what they deserve in Benjamin territory, the city of Gibeah. The rest of the Israeli men would not return home.

So all the men of Israel got together and united as one man against the city. (verse 11, NIV)

Were they serious about handling this situation? Were they determined to stop these sinful acts, making those men responsible pay for what they had done?

Have we forgotten what happened in 911? Has time passed and we have become nonchalant? Are we focused only on our own little world rather than what is happening elsewhere in our world? Will we rally against the evil ones as Israel did in chapter 20? Will our country unite or be divided in moral issues?


Stand against sin after I have confessed my sin.

Unite with others to support Christians taking a stand.

Speak up for my God given convictions.

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