Friday, July 24, 2015

Extraordinary Dinner Invitation

O. T. #564  "Extraordinary Dinner Invitation"
July 24, 2015
Ruth 2-Part 4
... at mealtime come thou hither and eat...  Ruth 2:14


We have eaten with  recognizable leaders of our nation and denomination. However, we were in the same room, not sitting at the same table. Of course, the invitations which we received were generic and sent to several others. I like to think we were special guests, though. In our story, Ruth gets an extraordinary dinner invitation. Read on to find out from whom.

During the conversation between Ruth and Boaz, she asked that she continue to find favor in his eyes, then she recognized his showing comfort to her, and spoken kindly to her as to his servant girls. (verse 13)


We don't know how much time lapsed between verses 13 and 14.

Kelly Minter describes Boaz's  lunch invitation for Ruth to join him as extraordinary and that it exceeded what the law required. Ruth found herself sitting at Boaz's table, not among the gleaners, but among the reapers. She continues to say that being invited "to the table" represented belonging, acceptance, conversation, nourishment, and safety.

Boaz continued to show his kindness toward Ruth by:
  • inviting Ruth to eat lunch of bread dipped in wine vinegar with him. Vinegar was wine mixed with oil to quench thirst.
  • instructing his men to leave stalks of grain for her to gather, while not embarrassing her.
How much one should feel valued when invited to someone's table. Especially when that someone is highly esteemed as Boaz.

In Liberty Bible Commentary, Falwell tells us:
Not only is Boaz a type of Christ, the bridegroom from Bethlehem, but Ruth is a type of the church, the undeserving gentile bride, who had nothing with which to commend herself to her master.

Jesus invites us strangers, foreigners, Gentiles to His banqueting table where we can feast upon  His salvation, righteousness, kindness, love, and Word. There is nothing we can do to merit such an invitation. Through humility we can accept this honor to become His child and sit at His table. There we spiritually eat the Master's manna from heaven, served by the Savior. How glorious is it to experience now and in our future heaven. We can come as we are, since He will provide our white robes, cleansed by Jesus' blood. Thank You Lord!

Ruth ended up with an ephah of barley, which would be half a bushel weighing 30-40 pounds. It would have been enough to support Naomi and Ruth for five days of food. Verse 18 tells us that Ruth took it to share with Naomi.
Doesn't the Lord give up exceedingly abundantly above all that we think and ask?
Are we grateful? Do we recognize that all we have is provided by God? Wow! Such grace and mercy! So we share the blessings we have with others?

I continue to eat from His Majesty's table of grace and mercy as I read His Word. Will you join me as I share from His grain filling my soul? We won't go away with a hungry or thirsty soul.


Drop that pride and come humbly and needy to Jesus' table.

Allow Him to fill my soul with His Words of love and kindness.

Share with others so they too can be filled.

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