Tuesday, May 13, 2014


O. T. #287  "Repetition"
May 13, 2014
Leviticus 20
Ye shall therefore keep all...   Leviticus 20:22


When we buy items that require assembly, we really should follow the directions. If we don't, there is a chance that it will not function or look right. Eventually, we go to the instructions for help if that happens. Am I the only one?

This chapter seems to be a repeat of the Laws. Repetition is how we learn, so God knew Israel would need them again and again so they would be sure to obey them.

With the faithfulness of the Israelites and separation from the pagans came the promises of God:
  • inheritance of the Promised Land,
  • which would be a land that flowed with mild and honey (representing sustenance and blessing) (verse 24).
They were told to keep all of God's statutes and judgments (verse 22).

Do we know the promises of God's blessings found in the Bible?


The regulations for the new nation of Israel is continuing in this chapter. It seems to be a repeat, which is how we learn things.
The children of Israel were forbidden to:
  • worship false gods (verses 2-5),
  • worship demons (verse 6),
  • curse, dishonor father and mother (verse 9),
  • commit adultery (verses 10-12),
  • commit homosexual acts (verse 13),
  • have sex with animals (verses 15-16),
  • commit incest (verse 170,
  • have sex with their wife while she was unclean monthly (verse18)
Did you notice that the punishment of the violator was death, mostly by stoning.
Are we loving God and loving our neighbor, as Jesus instructed?


Love God, love my neighbors. (others).

Honor God with my life.

Make sure my ways are God's ways.

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