Monday, May 12, 2014


O. T. #286  "Convictions"
May 12, 2014
Leviticus 19-Part 2
And ye shall be holy unto Me...   Leviticus 19:26


Being separate from the worldliness can go from one extreme to another. Although I do wear long skirts to church, I wear jeans the rest of the time. My ears are not pierced, yet I do wear jewelry. My hear is long right now, but with summer coming, I will get it cut medium length. I think we should have individual convictions, with the Bible as our guide. Yet, we should avoid drawing attention to ourselves. Our goal is to honor Jesus. He has set us free from the Law, but given us the law of love to live by.

We are still reading about neighborliness, mandates for practical holiness.
What are the instructions given in the rest of this chapter?
  • Keep the principle of separation. These mixtures may have been characteristic of some idolatrous practices. (verse 19)
  • Do not lie with an engaged slave girl, there was punishment for the act. Offerings for the sin was to be given. (verses 20-22)
  • Fruit and nut trees were dedicated to the Lord for the first four years. (verses 23-25)
  • Do not eat anything with the blood. (verse 26)
  • Enchantments, witchcraft, divination, soothsaying, and such were always punished by death. (Lev. 20:6, 27)
  • Make no cuttings or markings on your body; no tattoos were allowed, which were connected to names of idols, and were permanent signs of apostasy. (verses 27-28)
  • Do not prostitute your daughters. (verse 29)
  • Keep the Sabbath; reverence God's sanctuary. (verse 30)
  • Don't seek after wizards. the medium try to contact/communicate with the spirits of the dead, who are actually impersonated by demons.  (verse 31)
  • show honor and respect to the older man, which acknowledges God's blessing of long life and the wisdom that comes with it. (verse 32)
  • Befriend strangers who want to live among the nation. (verse 33-34)
  • Be honest in business. (verses 35-36)
  • Observe God's statutes and judgments. (verse 37)
[Resources: Liberty Bible Commentary, The MacArthur Bible Commentary]


This chapter gives some details concerning the superstitions of the Egyptian practices, the idolatry, and separation from the pagan ways and worship with which God was forbidding.
In his letter to the Galatians, Paul said in 6:17, Finally, let no one cause me trouble, for I bear on my body the marks of Jesus.
Paul endured many beatings and stoning for the preaching of Christ.

Do we have scars because we are a Christian? Are we standing up for Jesus and His teachings? Or do we fit in with the world and are unnoticeable?


Follow Jesus' teachings and the Holy Spirit's leading.

Glorify God with my body, soul, and mind.

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