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Curtains and Blankets

O. T. #224  "Curtains and Blankets"
Feb. 7, 2014
Exodus 26-Part 1
Make the Tabernacle with ten curtains of finely twisted linen and blue, purple and scarlet
yarn, with cherubim worked into them by a skilled craftsman.  Exodus 26:1 NIV


Most of the curtains and blinds which hang in our house I purchased before we move in. We
have had such a cold winter in which temperatures plunged into the single digits several
consecutive nights, that I had to add something to those thin curtains in order to block the cold
wind seeping inside. Yep, I hung blankets up over the curtains and rods. They may not add to
the décor of the rooms, unmatching valances, but they sure do help keep it warmer. Like the
rest of the country, our propane and electricity bills have doubled and even tripled in price, so desperate times required desperate measures. (I am glad my mother cannot see those blankets.)
The Bible mentions curtains here in our chapter. Want to see what colors they are?

Inside the Tabernacle, were three separate rooms. The first room contained the Bronze Laver
and the Altar of Burnt Offering. The Middle room, the Holy Place contained three things-The
Table of Showbread, the Golden Lampstand, and the Altar of Incense. This Altar is described
in chapter 27, so we will discuss it later. The third room housed the Ark of the Covenant and
the Mercy Seat.

Chapter 26 describes the curtains and coverings (verses 1-14), the framework (verses 15-30),
and the veils (verses 31-37).
As the priests were ministering within the Tabernacle, only they could see the colorful curtains
of linen, hung upon the wooden framework. God had the Israelites make the beautiful walls
from ten curtains from fine twined linen, even-textured, speaking of the perfection of  Christ.
They were embroidered blue, purple, and scarlet, which speaks of Christ's heavenly origin,
royalty, and shed blood to cover our sins. The images of angelic cherubims were woven into
the curtains.
There were four different coverings, the inner two woven, the outer two of animal skins. The
third covering was made of rams' skins dyed red, as a picture of death. The fourth, or
outermost covering, was of leather-like badgers skins. These materials were commonly used
by the nomadic peoples of that day.

How do we clothe our body? Are we Christian women revealing too much to the world? Or do we modestly keep our private parts covered. Some parts are only for my husband to see. Therefore I must make sure I am properly covered before leaving the house. How about you? Are we teaching our daughters and granddaughters modesty?


The framework of the Tabernacle is discussed in verse 15-30. It was a series of acacia wood
standing about 15 feet high and 2 feet wide. The wood and gold coverings suggest the
humanity and deity of our Lord Jesus Christ. the frame or trellis work was the support of the
curtains and outer coverings. The Tabernacle boards rested on silver sockets, while the curtains
were hung from the silver hooks. The Israelites could quickly dismantle the Tabernacle, easily
transported, and rapidly reassembled during their wilderness wanderings.

The silver sockets, curtain bases, were used to securely hold the tent in place and level. We
read where the silver for these sockets came from the "redemption price" given by each male
who was twenty years old or older, in Exodus 30:11-16. The basis for our worship today is our redemption in Christ.

According to the New International Version of the Bible, it records in Exodus 38:25-28,
one-fifth of an ounce (about 5.5 grams) was given by each male 20 years and older. There
were 603,550 men at that time. About three and three-fourths tons was used for the
Tabernacle. There was about 45 pounds of silver used for the hooks.

God had it all planned out before the Israelites left Egypt. They used the silver and gold which
the Egyptians willingly gave to the Israelites, for the building of the Tabernacle, the place of
God's presence and glory.

What are we willing to give sacrificially unto the Lord?

In Psalm 34:1, David says, I will bless the LORD at all times: His praise shall continually
be in my mouth.

Ladies, are we thankful for the curtains we hang in our house? Do we thank Him for the
jewelry we have to wear?


Thank the Lord for the curtains in my house.

Thank Him for the big and little things He provides in my life.

Praise Him for being such a loving and compassionate God.

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